24 Podcast Episodes to Help You #makedancefun!

by on Aug 18 '20

We have enjoyed being guest hosts on Clint Salter’s Transform My Dance Studio podcast for three separate series and 24 total podcasts! That’s a lot of talking and – we hope – a lot of inspiring content to help dance teachers and studio owners everywhere!

We have compiled ALL 24 episodes into one spot for easy access! So, this post is all you need to find every single episode. Use it as your guide to find the episodes you most want to hear! Or, make a plan to listen to them all!

Our latest series on the podcast is called Confetti State of Mind! Basically, it means…choosing happy…staying positive…making lemonade out of lemons and all those things! We are hoping to leave you with some inspiration as we enter into this new season with a renewed approach! Throughout this series, we will share ways you can survive the crazy unknowns that are the new normal and still find hope, success and fun! Here are all 8 episodes from that series!

  1. Branding Like a Boss – In this episode, we talk about how we stayed consistent to our brand during the quarantine and transition! Branding has always been a big focus for us and because of that it has allowed us to stay creative and showed optimism to our dancers and families…even though we didn’t always feel that! We also provide some action items on branding to think about and apply as you are getting back into your studio in some capacity and gearing up for a new season!
  2. 10 Ways to Survive Summer – We share some ideas for your summer and ways you can survive and thrive during the uncertainty of this summer. Obviously, things are looking a little different this summer, but that is no reason to not move forward and do the best we can given the circumstances. We help you find ways to adapt and make adjustments in order keep your studio not only functioning, but thriving  throughout the summer months, which are tough even when there isn’t a pandemic.
  3. Crafty Fun for Your Studio – We love creating visuals that make people smile! And, a huge part of that creating involves crafting. For us, crafting is an extension of our branding. In this episode, we share lots of our fun crafting secrets, and talk about how we create some of the fun visuals, backdrops, props and even costumes you have seen used for Confetti on the Dance Floor and Rhythm Dance Center. Get your glue guns ready for this crafty episode!
  4. Getting All The Things Done – A Day in the Life of Us! – From our weekly staff meetings to batching our big projects, we are sharing our secrets for being productive at our studio! Spoiler alert: we work a lot! We are constantly trying new things to become more efficient in tackling our workload. It is a work in progress and we hope you hear something that inspires you! In this episode, we are giving you a breakdown of our weekly and daily schedules and how we make all the things happen!
  5. Fun Virtual Creativity Challenges – We love creativity and are always trying to find new ways to be creative or use our creativity to inspire others, our dancers, our staff, etc. So, we came up with a few fun creativity challenge ideas for you to use. We feel like these are great challenges that dancers can do at home or in the studio! So, use them however it would work best for you!
  6. Performing Companies – Opportunities for All! – In this episode, we are breaking down how we structure our Performing Companies at our studio, Rhythm Dance Center! We hope you get some ideas and inspiration to help you format your companies for dancers of all ages and levels. We also discuss how we made our Virtual Auditions work successfully this season and how our Companies help make our summers successful!
  7. Back to Dance! – The term “Back to Dance” has a whole new meaning this year given our current state. Typically, we plan ahead for the kick-off to the new year and know exactly what we need to do as far as a last minute push for registration, open house, and all the fun that comes with starting a new year. And even though this year is different, we are pushing through and doing everything we can to kick off this year with as much energy and excitement as we would any other year. In this episode, we are talking about some of our updated plans to get “Back to Dance!”
  8. Navigating the New Dance Season – Bloom Where You’re Planted! – This is a Q&A episode that covers everything from navigating the season with Covid-19 policies to our top tips on Social Media, Marketing and Preschool dance classes! We touch on a little of everything! We hope this will leave you with some inspiration to begin the new dance season with confidence!

Before our latest Confetti State of Mind series, we also completed another series called Confetti Five to THRIVE, and all 8 of these episodes focus on FIVE things to help or inspire you as a studio owner/dance teacher centered around a studio topic! Here’s a link to all 8 episodes!

  1. The Ultimate Summer Checklist
  2. It’s Showtime!
  3. Photo Shoot Fun
  4. Costume-a-Palooza
  5. Creating an Extraordinary Dance Studio Culture
  6. Themed Fun for the Classroom
  7. Pump Up Fall Enrollment
  8. Top Five Q&A

And finally, our first guest-hosting series consisted of 8 episodes with a #makedancefun theme! You can read about each one in this blog post, but here are some quick links as well!

  1. Make Dance Fun 
  2. Bright 
  3. Confetti FUN 19 in 2019 
  4. Fresh – Done, but FUN! 
  5. Party Like a Preschooler
  6. Sunny Summers 
  7. Making Social Media Fun 
  8. The Ultimate Theme – Your Recital 

We hope you find lots of inspiration from each one of these podcasts and that you continue to #makedancefun at your studio!

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