5 Simple Ways to Up Your Crafting Game!

by on Feb 23 '21

This blog post is a companion piece to Episode 9 of our Make Dance Fun podcast!

In Episode 9 of our Make Dance Fun Podcast, we’re sharing our go-to simple crafts that add fun and color to decor, props and events. And, we hope to inspire you to up your crafting game at your studio, too!

We create so many of our own backdrops, props, small, Twirl preschool crafts, and even costumes! Check out #rhythmcraftcenter for fun photos. 

DOWNLOAD: We also created this graphic with some images of most of the crafts we reference in the episode!

1. Cardboard Letters & Numbers:  We purchase these letters at Hobby Lobby, but you can find them at most craft stores or online. We like the 18″ letters because of their size, but the 8″ letters are fun, too. We first used them for a staff photo shoot by spray-painting the each letter of RHYTHM a different color, covered it in spray adhesive and sprinkled glitter all over them. Since then, we’ve used these fun letters for almost every photo shoot and/or event by painting, covering them with Duck Tape (see below) and other craft supplies, glued them to boards and more!

2. Pom Pom Balls: We LOVE pom poms! We have hot glued them on most everything : photo props, costumes, stage props, the cardboard letters and more! You can also purchase pom pom garlands or create your own to use as decor or in a photo shoot! 
3. Felt Fabric: We use felt fabric to make capes, wings, ponchos, mermaid fins, skirts, little fanny packs, purses, bags, and so much more. Our November #FunConfettiMood blog post included a really cute pink A-Frame Cabin made out of felt!

4. Duck Tape: There are so many colors, fun prints and themes of this tape, available at craft and hardware stores. We prefer this over painting things sometimes as it creates a super saturated color, and you can make straight lines pretty easily too! We use it to cover cardboard letters, styrofoam floral wreaths, canes and even an electric truck we used for a stage prop! 

5. Glitter Paper Mosaic: This tip will make your stage props shine super bright! Use glitter foam sheets or card stock and cut it into random shapes. Then hot glue them onto your surface to create a mosaic look. You can use multi-colored paper for a stained glass effect or different shades of the same color to create a water or sky effect.

The next time you are at a craft store, pick up some of these supplies and create something colorful and fun to use in your studio! And, if you use any of these ideas to create some fun, share with us!

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