8 Podcast Episodes to Help You Make Dance Fun!

by on Mar 1 '19

We love helping you #makedancefun!

We recently had the great honor and pleasure of guest-hosting Clint Salter’s Transform My Dance Studio Podcast for 8 weeks! If you haven’t yet met or listened to Clint Salter speak (live or through his podcast), you are in for a treat to discover his podcast and everything else he has to offer! We always learn so much from all our conversations and interactions with him. We can’t say enough amazing things about him and all he does for the dance community!

The overarching theme of our 8-week series on his podcast is, of course, #makedancefun! But, each episode stands alone with its very own theme (if you know us, you know we LOVE a theme!), and each one is jam-packed with content and very specific action items you can implement right away!

We’ve received so much positive feedback from all of you, and we appreciate it so much! We also receive a lot of questions asking which episode included a certain topic, so we thought it would be helpful to provide this guide where everything is housed in one, easy-to-access space!

Here’s a brief summary on the topic of each episode, and each title is linked directly to the podcast, so click if you want to listen or re-listen!

  1. Make Dance Fun – In our inaugural podcast episode, we give you a brief history of Rhythm Dance Center (26 years summed up very quickly!) and how we got to where we are today, how we inject FUN into everything we do, and we talk a lot about our love of themes! We even share three ways you can use themes to boost creativity, productivity and add FUN in your studio!
  2. Bright – It’s no secret that we love color and all things BRIGHT and FUN! In this episode, we talk about how you can keep things fun and bright at your studio in a few different way. We include specific ways you can add something EXTRA to your ordinary items, tasks, and all things related to your dance studio life!
  3. Confetti FUN 19 in 2019 – If this sounds familiar, you probably already read this blog post on our #confettiFUN19in2019! We dedicated an entire podcast episode to dive into the items on this fun list and give you ideas make this year your best year yet!
  4. Fresh – Done, but FUN! – This was our first podcast of the new year, so in this episode, we focus on facing some of your daunting tasks for the year with a fresh outlook and making them fun! This is the episode where we talk about our famously-named “Mega Calendar” that we recently implemented successfully at our studio, as well as tips for refreshing your studio space, your dance life and ideas for you and your staff to stay on top of your dance game (and stay sane at the same time)!
  5. Party Like a Preschooler – It’s always a party when you are working with preschoolers!! At Rhythm, we love to put a big focus on our preschoolers – of the 1200 students we have, nearly 450 of them are under the age of 6! This is the future of our studio, and we work hard to make these classes super fun + engaging for our little ones! In this episode, we share lots of ideas of how you can make dance super fun for your tiny tots, including details about our Twirl preschool program!
  6. Sunny Summers – In this episode, we aim to relieve some of that stress studio owners often feel about summer by sharing some ideas to not only bring fun into your summer, but bring you income as well! We share some tried and true tips we’ve learned through 26 years of studio ownership that you can implement right now to create sunny summers at your studio and hopefully relieve some of your summer stress! You’ll also learn more details about Camp Confetti in this episode!
  7. Making Social Media Fun – In this episode, we go through a few of our “Top 5” lists for social media, including the top 5 apps we use to edit photos! For this episode, definitely grab a pen and your fave notebook, because you’re going to want to take some notes! We talk about how to create great content and engage with your followers, but we also answer a lot of questions submitted by our followers, and we received some great ones!
  8. The Ultimate Theme – Your Recital – We love a good theme, and in this episode, we talk about our year end show (recital, production, gala) and how it is our absolute favorite thing we do all year!  It really is the ULTIMATE theme and we plan our entire season around it!

We hope this guide to our podcasts is helpful for you! We LOVED creating these and are so appreciative of Clint Salter and his team for giving us this opportunity to share with all of you! We hope that you can a little find inspiration within one (or more!) of these episodes to use at your studio to help you #makedancefun!

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