8 Predictions for Your New Dance Season!

by on Sep 6 '19

Here’s Your Chance for a Fun Year of Dance: #myconfettifortune!

What is your Confetti Fortune??

Your Confetti Fortune is here! If you visited our booth at one of the dance trade shows this summer, you may already know your Confetti Fortune. If not, we’ve created a fun way to learn yours as an inspiring and motivating start to your new dance year. For a refresh on #myconfettifortune, check out this blog post!

To find out your very own Confetti Fortune, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to our Highlights on Instagram and click the Fortune highlight. There is a video that quickly flashes all the fortune card images.
  2. Play the video and simply screenshot it at any point during the video.
  3. The card showing on your screen shot is your Confetti Fortune!

Once you know your fortune, find the details below for some fun inspiration and tips! Or, save time and simply pick one below that speaks to you and use it to inspire you for the upcoming season!


Don’t be suspicious of success that’s repetitious–
it’s roaring your way because you’re ambitious!

Dreams that previously seemed impossible are not only within reach, but will be realized this year! Put your systems in place, make the upgrades you’ve been considering and, in general, up your business game. Your AMBITIOUS approach will pay off with auspicious.

Tip: Identify one major challenge to tackle for the year and create an action plan that lists specific, small steps to take to achieve it.

Confetti Products for the Ambitious-Minded Dance Teacher:


The sun and the stars are aligned, it does appear,
for you to have a COLORFUL year!

The stars will align this season to bring out your best, most colorful year-end show yet! Focus on coloring in the details you’ve only outlined in the past. It’s time to take those steps (small and big) that before now you hesitated to take. Doing so will creating an exciting COLORFUL experience and breathe new life into your event!

Tip: Elevate the audience’s experience by transforming the theatre lobby into the theme of your year-end show.

Confetti Products to Help You Add COLOR to Your Year-End Show:
Confetti FunFrame
Confetti Courses: Fabric Shopping in NYC: A Complete Guide for Designing Custom Costumes


Through confidence and positivity (and not by chance),
prepare to take flight on an INSPIRATIONAL year of dance!

Things will flow in a very positive direction for you this season as you focus on INSPIRATIONAL projects that fuel your confidence and enhance your leadership abilities. This, in turn, will instill confidence in your dancers and staff, inspiring them and you to love dance even more!

Tip: Implement at least one thing you learn from a motivational podcast, practice more self care, and foster strong communication with your staff and your dancers.

Confetti Products for the INSPIRING Dance Teacher:
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Hard work and focus will make it appear
that this season will ring in your LUCKY year!

LUCKY you! This season will be one of good fortune that brings vast transformation and growth for both you and your dancers. While the shift will come about from hard work, the sense of gratification from witnessing the focus and improvement will feel less like work and more like luck!

Tip: Create a progress chart with staff or students that includes goals everyone can check off together.

Confetti Products for the Hardworking Dance Teacher Looking for Luck:
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A spark of fun and creativity will be the reason
that you will soar through this MAGICAL season!

Your preschool dance program will blossom this year as you discover and embrace new ways to make it more MAGICAL! Use your charm and keen business sense to create an enchanting atmosphere. Your focus on creativity and fun will be the magic wand that sparks more interest and growth in your program.

TIP: Hold a free weekend class using a fun activity like our free Twirl Activity: Arabesque Treasure Chest.

Confetti Products to Make Dance Class Magical:
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A year that’s MYSTERIOUS and full of surprise
is about to take place before your very eyes!

Don’t be afraid to be MYSTERIOUS and introduce a unique element of surprise this year! Try something new and outside your comfort zone, and you will find others are in awe of your free spirit and unconventional approach. Don’t let fear hold you back, you can stat with small steps and move toward bigger changes.

TIP: Attend a convention you’ve never attended, reach out to another local studio owner and invite them to lunch or coffee, or do something you’ve never done before (create themed recital, offer a new class style, host a benefit show)

Confetti Products to Add Fun & Mystery:
Confetti Courses


Looking at things in a different light
will bring about a PROSPEROUS year that’s sure to delight!

This is an important year that will bring about a PROSPEROUS change as your rethink and reposition areas where you want to see growth at your studio. Don’t hold too firmly to former ways; add an element that is ew and different and it will lead to increased revenue. Embrace the change wholly and watch as golden opportunities (more dancers!) present themselves.

TIP: Generate new interest in an existing class by creating a theme around the class and changing the name.

Confetti Products to Help You Become Prosperous:
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Prepare for a RADIANT year full of light
as your brand personality truly shines bright!

This will prove to be a RADIANT year for your image! Your cohesive brand will stand out from the rest, sparking a new level of creativity and success. Take action on that refresh you’ve been pondering, and you will draw people into your light!

TIP: Host a themed photo shoot that’s cohesive with your brand and uses your own dancers as models.

Confetti Products for the RADIANT Dance Teacher:
All Confetti Products!!


Let us know your Confetti Fortune and what actions you plan to take to turn the predictions into reality! Tag us in your Insta story or feed, share it on Facebook, or comment below!

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