A Confetti Conversation with CC&Co’s Christy Curtis

by on Jan 31 '18

Whew! Say that fast three times! No matter how you say it, Christy Curtis is just all around amazing. Or, in keeping with the tongue-twisting alliteration in the title…she’s collaborative, creative, curious, capable, caring and COOL! Her thriving Raleigh, NC studio – CC&Co – is in its 13th year of business, she was just featured on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine, her students (past, present and future) are out in the world doing AMAZING things (hello, Martha Nichols), and yet she remains very focused, very grounded and very forward thinking.

We awarded Christy with many “WOW” cards for her Dance Teacher Magazine cover! So awesome!

Besides all that amazingness, she’s also our business bestie! We are so fortunate to call her a close friend, to travel with her and to have each other’s backs (and ears) (and shoulders) when it comes to business challenges, strifes, obstacles and successes! So, we feel more than honored to sit down with her for this Confetti Conversation (and super lucky that said conversation occurred in a beach chair…with the sun shining in our faces…in Tulum, Mexico! #sorrynotsorry).

Christy, Dani and Becca in Tulum, Mexico

Here’s our Confetti Conversation:

When did you first become involved in the dance world?

I started dancing when I was 3 years old in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When I was 16, I took Frank Hatchet’s class in NYC and everything just clicked. I ended up assisting him at Jazz Dance World Congress in 1990.

How long have you owned your business? 

I’ve owned CC&Co for 13 years and served as artistic director for a performing company for 15 years prior to that.

Favorite book, magazine, quote?

My favorite book is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I have a couple favorite quotes:

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.”

“The secret of changes is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.” –  Socrates

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

If there’s something you know you’re aren’t the best at, find someone who excels at it. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Start small and grow gradually.

What’s a mistake you’ve made (or watched someone else make) that you learned from?

Trying to do everything yourself!

Do you have any productivity hacks?

We use the Slack app and Basecamp to manage all the goings on of our studio.

What’s your creative process?

Implementing travel & culture as they influence the way I️ work. I try to be open to things going on in everyday life and apply learned things. I️ learn through travel. When I️ went to Copenhagen, I️ witnessed the happiness that they have found and wrote on the Happiness Wall, and I spent the next year adapting it to my studio. I️ constantly learn from everyone I️ meet and everything I️ see.

Who or what inspires you?

Travel is #1. No single person, but everyone I️ meet.

Who is your dance idol?

Janet Jackson and Gene Kelly

When you face a creativity block or an uninspired day/week/month, how do you move yourself out of it?

I find a podcast based on what’s going on and/or go to my life coach. I also find inspiration from my staff. They each bring a unique perspective and love for their particular strength, and I am constantly learning from each of them.

What encourages you most in dance world today?

Accessibility to everyone, and the ability that movement has to transform our lives and move our souls on every level. More people than ever are experiencing dance in some form or another and the joy it brings.

Biggest accomplishment:

From a business perspective, running my business on my own. I started strictly from a creative perspective, but have since gained a business mind. #womanboss

From a dance perspective, having 11 students dance on stage with Janet Jackson!

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?

The kids…Seeing all the different journeys come through the studio and how what we do can be so powerful, witnessing the evolution of each dancer’s path or journey, and how everyone takes part in the process.

Christy pictured here with some of her staff, students, and alums. Photo Credit: Dance Teacher Magazine

What’s next for you and your business?

To somehow incorporate and share my love of travel with my students to reach a broader audience.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Studio success is only possible with a team that cares about the kids and business and truly loves what they are doing. Total success is a direct reflection of the sum of all its parts, i.e teachers, administrators, and all the families that have collectively built CC&Co.

As you know, Confetti on the Dance Floor is all about celebrating fun, positive and inspirational moments! Tell us about your most confetti-worthy moments?

Being featured on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine. Holiday Dance party with Kristen Sudeikis, Holly Crosby, my staff, studio and community. Moments when everyone puts down their phone and connects with each other through dancing!! The joy it brings!!

OK, on to some fun, quick-fire questions. You know, the really important stuff…

Cocktails or Mocktails?


Coffee or tea?

Mostly coffee, but sometimes tea

Queso or Guac?


Pizza or tacos?


Go-to Emoji?


Morning person or night owl?

Use to be a be a night owl, but now morning

Take out or Dine in?

Take out (I don’t cook!)

Broadway or Hollywood?


Netflix or Big Screen?

I love them both!

Sequins or sweats?



We hope you are as inspired by Christy as we are and that you enjoyed this Confetti Conversation! Thank you, Christy, we can’t wait for our next travel adventure with you!

Also, we have a love of fun bags in common!

Becca and Dani first bonded with Christy on a Break the Floor trip to Hawaii in 2010! We have been Dance Studio Owner BFFs ever since!

Want to connect with Christy and CC&Co? Here’s where to find her: 

Instagram: @ccco_dance_complex

Website: www.cccodance.com

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