Back to Dance: Fun Ways to Kick Off Your New Season

by on Aug 26 '16

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year…back to dance! The first few weeks at the studio are super busy and especially hectic. That’s why it’s even more important to have some fun ways to welcome your dancers. Here are three of our favorite ideas to add a little sparkle as you kick off your new season!

IMG_2330Greeter Gang

What better way to welcome your dancers back to class than to literally welcome them!? Position a knowledgeable employee in the lobby to assist parents and dancers with all their “first day” questions. Whether your studio is large or small, your new students will appreciate a friendly face to help them find their dance class or answer questions about attire and dance shoes.  






Studio Swag

Everybody loves a giveaway! Set up a super fun table in your lobby with a cute table cloth, studio brochures, business cards and a bowl of branded freebies like magnets, pens or buttons! Offer them to parents, students and even siblings–this will make everyone feel welcome! You can also have an iPad or TV on the table playing your most recent dance recital performances. If you really want to impress, check out our Confetti Branding FunPacks!





Photo Fun

One of our most favorite ideas is to create a fun + fancy photo wall! This creates a perfect spot for parents to snap pics of their dancer and share on social media. And, it’s even better if you have a fun sign with your studio’s name or other cute props they can use!

For decorating your wall, you can use a step and repeat or make your own interesting wall with poster board, wrapping paper, balloons, wall decals or stickers, streamers, and other party decor items found at your local party or craft stores.

Make sure you create an original hashtag for your studio and encourage dancers to use it when posting on social media. This way, you can easily find all the fun pics. You could even run a contest to promote the hashtag, offering fun prizes like t-shirts, tuition coupons, or a fun goodie bag!

No matter what you do to welcome your dancers back, make it fun! Adding a few fun + simple details these first few weeks can go a long way to strengthening your brand, building relationships and earning lifelong customers!






  • I like the ideas of Welcoming students back ! I’m going to try some of your ideas! Thanks, Ms.Debbie of Softley Dance Academy

    • We can’t wait to see what you do! Please take photos and tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see and be inspired by you! #confettionthedancefloor

  • Love these ideas! I have a cute small outdoor seating area. I’m thinking a cute frame and some props for a back to dance photo shoot.

    • That will be so cute! With the natural light outside, the pictures will be so good! When you post your pics, make sure you tag us so we can see! #confettionthedancefloor

      Best of luck with your new season!

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