Best of 2017: Recapping the fun!

by on Dec 30 '17

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is 2018, but what a fun + exciting year 2017 has been! We have so much fun getting to know all of you dance teachers and studio owners through this blog, our social media accounts, trade shows and industry events! Thanks for all the love you’ve shown us here at Confetti on the Dance Floor–we hope you feel our love coming right back at ya!

Some of you have been following us since day one and others are just recently learning about us, so we thought recapping our top posts from 2017 would be a great way to send off this year and to hopefully give you some fresh inspiration for your upcoming year! Maybe you’ll finally have time read that post you’ve had flagged in your inbox for 8 months, or spark an idea for a fun activity in your January dance classes, or even discover a tip for improving your business! Whatever it is, we hope we’ve helped inspire you this year, and we plan on continuing to bring on the fun all year in 2018!

Top 3 Posts for Boosting Your Business

As studio owners ourselves, we are always strategizing on ways we can attract new customers, keep our existing customers happy and continue building a brand with a good standing in our community. Here are three posts that, based on how many of you read them, demonstrate you’re doing the same! They’re worth a re-read as you never know what you’ll pick up on the second time around!

#1 – Three Ways to PUMP UP Your Fall Enrollment

#2 – Let it Grow: Three Seeds to Plant for Studio Growth

#3 – Fun Recital Resources

Top 3 Posts for Making Dance Fun

#1 –Let’s Twirl ~ A Fun + Fancy Preschool Dance Program!

A very close second to our top post of the year (see below for that reveal!), our Let’s Twirl ~ A Fun + Fancy Preschool Dance Program! post was a huge hit this year! It’s a doozie of a post but is chock full of all the details of our exclusive Twirl Program. If you aren’t a Twirl studio yet, make 2018 your year! You can start by reading or re-reading this post! Related: another of our top posts of the year ironically is from 2016 and was one of our top posts last year, too… Arabesque Treasure Chest! If you don’t have our FREE sample Twirl activity from this post, send us an email and we’ll send it over right away! 

#2 – Look Out Summer, Camp Confetti is Here!

One of our most favorite things about 2017 was launching Camp Confetti! To date, we’ve received more positive feedback from our customers than anything else on our site. We’re so glad you love it because we do, too! Look for more Camp Confetti fun coming in 2o18!

#3 – The 2017 Not-On-Your-List-Yet Checklist!

It’s kind of perfect timing to bring this post up again because it still applies! Dance has to be fun for you, too, so don’t forget to plan ahead so you can have some down time to recharge! Read (or re-read) this gem of a post and start checking off your list for 2018 now!

And….The Most Viewed Post in 2017 Overall

Cue the drum roll! For the second year running, our most viewed blog post is the Hip Hop Halloween combo! We get it, it IS so much fun! This year, it was a Hip Hop Halloween Night, and we LOVED seeing all the videos you shared through our #hiphophalloween hashtag.

We are looking forward to a super 2018 and our wish for the new year is that we can all continue to make dance fun TOGETHER! Cheers to 2018!


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