Camp Confetti 101!

by on May 6 '19

Summer’s here…well, practically anyway! That means it’s time to host fun summer camps at your studio. Are yours ready? If not, don’t fret… that’s where Camp Confetti comes in!

If you don’t know about Camp Confetti, you truly do not know what you are missing. Our Summer Dance FunPacks are life savers! We first introduced Camp Confetti in 2017 with 8 themes, but it’s now grown to 16 different themes! With options in almost every style, you are certain to find one or more that will fit perfectly into your studio.

What is a Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPack?
Think of Camp Confetti as a summer dance camp in a box –- your inbox! Each FunPack is a digital download to a Dropbox folder (no worries, you don’t need a special account) that will provide your camp files with all the details, background, ideas, choreography videos and more for your theme! So, there is nothing to ship in the mail, it will all come directly to your computer! And never fear, we are here to help you if you experience any technical difficulties!

We offer 9 Preschool and 7 Elementary aged Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPack themes, each sold separately. Each theme has its very own activities, combos, dance games, crafts and so much more! We designed the camps to maximize the fun over a five-day camp, but each theme can easily be adapted to fit a 3-day camp format (or any other format you choose to follow).

There are a few specific differences between what’s included in the Preschool vs. Elementary aged camps, so click here to read all the scoop on exactly what is included in each FunPack! We promise it’s enough fun to make your summer camps super fun and magical!

These are just our four newest Camp Confetti themes, but check out all 16 themes on our website!

Customer Stamp of Approval!
We love making our customers happy, and especially love when they let us know we’ve achieved that goal! Camp Confetti seems to have definitely checked that box –– it’s our best-selling product of all time, print or digital! But don’t just take our word for it…take the word of these studio owners on their feelings for Camp Confetti:

“Thanks for all the inspiration and the Camps that are going to boost enrollment and keep dance fun at our studio this summer!”

“I have purchased several Camp Confetti camps over the past two summers and MY KIDS LOVE THEM!!!”

“Camp Confetti saved my life last year!”

“My most successful summer income producers were the preschool Camp Confetti themes I purchased last year!”

“I LOVE these camps. Makes everything so easy! You guys are doing a great job!”

“I took the plunge and ordered quite a few of your fabulous camps. Amazing!”

“We received our first camp set last night and are very pleased with all the material. After reviewing, we have decided to purchase another theme!”

Following is a full list of all our FUN themes, complete with our Top 3 Fan Faves from each age level noted with a 🌈!

Camp Confetti Preschool Themes!
Dancing With My Dollie: Passport to Paris (2019 – ballet, tap & creative movement)
The Wonderful, Whimsical Woodlands Fairy Waltz (2019 – ballet)
🌈 Ooh La La Aloha (2018 – ballet & tap)
Pom Pom Unicorn’s Magical Carnival on a Cloud (2018 – ballet & tap)
🌈 Mermagical Mermaids and Shimmery Swans (2017 – ballet)
Hip Hop Fancy Cloud Face-Off (2017 – hip hop & creative movement)
Sparkleberry Fairy Garden (2017 – ballet & tap)
DJ Dino’s Hip Hop Stomp (BOYS! 2017 – hip hop & creative movement)
🌈 Twirltopia Princess Academy (2017 – ballet & tap)

Camp Confetti Elementary Themes!
The Donut Spytacular (2019 – jazz & hip hop)
🌈 Marquee Mix-Up: Movie Magic (2019 – musical theater, jazz & hip hop)
Wowza LUAU-za (2018 – jazz & hip hop)
🌈 Marquee Mix-Up: Broadway (2018 – musical theater & jazz)
#dancecampREMIX – Out of This World (2018 – jazz & hip hop)
🌈 #dancecampREMIX (2017 – jazz & hip hop)
Boho Desert Bash (2017 – jazz & hip hop)

Camp Confetti on Budget!

For many studios, summer can be a challenging time for cash flow, so hosting fun + fancy summer camps that appeal to young dancers of all ages is a great way to supplement! What better way to attract customers to your studio than super fun dance camp themes. Giving your summer camp programs a complete refresh could be just what you need to fill your studio with dancers over the summer. And, with Camp Confetti, we will provide you with tools you need to market Camp Confetti by providing a logo, social image and description for each FunPack you purchase.

Depending on your summer tuition fees, the cost of our affordable Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPacks could be recouped by just one registering dancer. And remember, this is a digital download that you can use every summer going forward, so this one-time cost provides unlimited returns on your initial investment. Before setting your fees for your summer camps, remember to also incorporate any other supplies you will be providing for crafts, printing, props, etc.

We hope you can #makedancefun this summer with Camp Confetti! The great thing is that if you purchase your Camp Confetti today, you will also receive it today! That’s the beauty of a download!

Click here to get started, and if you want to save money on your summer camps (Who doesn’t, right?), purchase two or more camps in the same transaction, and you’ll save $25 off each camp!!

Looking for more fun, revenue-boosting tips for Summer? Check out this blog post!

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