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Fa La La! ‘Tis the season…So, by golly, our current #ConfettiMOOD for December is JOLLY! As our holiday break inches closer and closer to reality, we want to make sure we keep a festive jingle in our step at the studio. Here are some JOLLY good ideas to make dance fun all December long! PLUS, our ultimate gift guides for dance teachers!

QUICK HINT FOR NEXT WEEK’S POST: Before you finish all your shopping, you may want to consider our 567cre8 cards! Next week’s post may or may not include some fun winter dance activities in class using these fun improv cards! Hurry to have them on hand in time (or buy some now for using when classes start back in January!)

JOLLY Gift Guides

In the giving mood? Looking for the perfect gift for the dance teachers in your life? We have four ultimate gift guides with lots of jingle for every teacher personality…Millennial Pink, Not-So-Pink, Preschool Teacher and The Goal Setter. Pick a personality and then start shopping!

The Millennial Pink Teacher

Even if you don’t know what Millennial Pink is, trust us, your Millennial teachers do! And they’ll love these fun pink choices!

  1. The Balm DotCom! We love this lip balm and it’s packaging, too! For both balmy and blustering days, the name really says it all. 
  2. Gift a Lift! This. Mug. We do rise by lifting others. Also, coffee helps, too!
  3. Hear Me Roar! All the jingle ladies stand strong in this hip tee!
  4. Girl Power! These socks have it! What other super power would you even want?!
  5. Fun is Key! Unlock the fun in style with our new Confetti FunTags!

The Not-So-Pink Teacher

  1. Subtly Fun! Warm up the fun in these understated, cozy #makedancefun sweatshirts. Note: This Confetti FunShirt comes in junior sizes, so most adults will need at least one size up!
  2. Call of the Disco Ball! Wear this fun tee and keep on believing, dancing queens!
  3. Run, Run Reindeer! Oh what fun are these rainbow leggings?
  4. Sleigh All Day! This pin is perfect for your hip hop teacher who’s sleigh-ing it!
  5. So Jelly! This tote bag is retro style at its best! Bonus: open air bag means no lingering odor from smelly dance shoes!

The Preschool Teacher

  1. Care Enough! This super fun, ultra soft Confetti FunTee is perfect for teaching littles or lounging with cocoa! 
  2. Chassé All The Way! Hey! Make spirits bright with this Confetti FunTee and revel in its softness!
  3. Fun, Fancy + Festive! Give Twirl a whirl! Your preschool teachers AND your preschool students will thank you for all the fun Twirl  brings to dance class!
  4. Fa La La Learn! Flashie Cards add so much fun to learning ballet and tap basics! Create an obstacle course, play the matching game or follow any of the other fun ideas provided with your Flashie Cards!
  5. Totes Amazing! Tiny tot dancers will flock to this adorable, pink fluffy tote!

The Goal Setter

  1. Spark Creativity! This is the perfect time for fun dance teachers to start planning for 2018 with a spark*source and find a little extra creativity at the same time! 
  2. Unite Share Inspire! If you and your teachers aren’t going to Dance Teacher Summit, you’re missing out on so much greatness! They will hold TWO Summits this summer – one in NYC and one in San Diego. We’ll be at both and would love to see you there! Registration is officially opened and they are offering $50 off through December 20!
  3. Who Run the World!? Yep, we know! Wear these fun socks and get it, girl!
  4. Only Happy Days! Plan on fun when you wear this adorable sweatshirt from
  5. Be Good! This book and all of Paul Arden’s books are chock full of smart tools and actionable advice for all achievers!

JOLLY Fun in Dance Class

If you didn’t see our posts last December with Wondrous Wintry Dance Activities and our Ice Ice Confetti & Sleigh Bells on the Dance Floor Combos, you do not want to miss out on these fun ideas for dance class! Your dancers will have so much fun playing the games and you will enjoy a pre-planned dance class!

JOLLY Playlist & Pinterest Boards

Make spirits bright by holding a holly, jolly holiday class using our fun JOLLY Spotify Playlist!

Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you will be asked to create one in order to access our list, but it’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec. Do it! While you are there, you can check out the playlists from all our previous ConfettiMOOD playlists, too!

You probably noticed on our Gift Guide, but if you didn’t a quick note to let you know we just introduced some super fun + fashionable confetti tees and retro key chains! These are affordable & adorable for all the Dance Teachers on your list! These will be available on Saturday, December 9th on our website!

We hope our ConfettiMOOD JOLLY will bring joy to your studio and throughout the new year! Make sure you check out our Pinterest Boards for more JOLLY inspo. While you are there, you can also check out all our past ConfettiMood Boards, too! Wishing you all a JOLLY Holiday Season!







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