#ConfettiMOOD: PARTY!

by on May 23 '17

May has been a jam packed month of #allthethings for us (as with all studio owners!), but it’s also been full of fun! This week is our last week of classes, so we are turning the corner on a crazy busy but super fun year! We have so much to celebrate, so obvi our #ConfettiMOOD this month is PARTY!

We’ve already shared with you details about our fun year-end company party and our Twirl Graduation Celebration, so you probably already caught on that we were in the mood to PARTY! But all celebrations don’t have to be big. We’re all about celebrating the small stuff too! Here are a few ideas you can consider to help put you in a party mood and find #allthefestivefeels!

Checking Off That Checklist = PARTY!

Do you remember our early January blog post with the 2017 Not-On-Your-List-Yet Checklist? Hopefully you printed it out and have been checking things off left and right. If you have been, then that’s reason enough to celebrate! Personally, we’ve checked off 12 of the 15 items on the list (plus about a thousand billion other things), but before we get too braggy and you start rolling your eyes, we still have a thousand billion things to complete before our dress rehearsals and six year-end shows next week, so don’t get too jealous! But still, celebrate the little things, and check off those lists to give yourself a sense of accomplishment!

Before you get too caught up in the end-of-year celebrations, remember to always be thinking ahead to fall. Our recent post with Fun Fall Planning Tips to Start Now offers a few other things. Add them to your list now and start checking them off now so your September self can high-five your May self for being ahead of the game!

And, as you round out your summer planning and 2017-2018 fall schedules, don’t forget about Camp Confetti and Twirl – these fun resources will help you get to a party mood faster!

PARTY Playlist

This may have been the easiest (and most fun) #ConfettiMOOD playlist to put together yet! Still, we know when you are busy (and even when you aren’t), it’s easier to have a go-to music playlist to keep your classes fresh and fun! Enter our #ConfettiMOOD Spotify playlists! Check out our #ConfettiMOOD: PARTY list, but also take a look at our other #ConfettiMOOD playlists while you are there. All of these fun playlists might help make your dance class a PARTY! And, as always, we included a wide variety for all genres and ages!

Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you will be asked to create one in order to access our list, but it’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec. Do it!

Dance PARTY!

For your last week of classes, take a few minutes at the end of class to have a super fun, freestyle dance party! Your dancers of all ages will love this impromptu fun and will end their year on a happy, PARTY note! And, as you’ve already read, we have the perfect fun PARTY Playlist for you to use. Before they leave, remind them to make sure their parents to sign them up for more dance fun next year!

PARTY Supplies

We are asked a lot about where we find our fun party supplies. A few of our favorites are Oh Happy Day and GirlyGifts07 on Etsy online. We also frequent Hobby Lobby, Party City and Michael’s a lot! For Confetti, we love Oh Happy Day’s selection for photos, but we also purchase confetti launchers from Flutter-Fetti for our shows.

We hope that you will also be inspired by our current PARTY Confetti MOOD! Make sure you check out our Pinterest boards for more PARTY inspiration! You can also check out all our previous #ConfettiMOOD posts from 2017 so far!





Now, go get your PARTY on!


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