Crushing on Summer This Valentines Day!

by on Feb 11 '22

Happy Valentines Day! While love is in the very, very cold air, we’re still over here Crushing on Summer! This chilly weather is all the more reason to start getting ready to crush it at your dance studio this summer! And that’s why this Valentines Day, we’re sharing the love and putting out all the summer vibes!

Who’s Your Dance Valentine #ConfettiCrush?!

What’s a #ConfettiCrush, you ask? We all have people in our lives who inspire us, motivate us, or make us feel special. We may also have those people we admire from a distance, who we don’t know personally. Either way, it’s the perfect time of year to shine light on others who inspire you. That’s where #ConfettiCrush comes in. We have 14 different images you can share on social media with your #ConfettiCrush. Download them all for free here!

There are several ways you can share the love with your #ConfettiCrush! Post on your Social Media accounts and ask your dancers/teachers/parents/followers to tag someone they admire! Send one to your #ConfettiCrush on social media, and make their day! Send it in an email to your dancers, staff, Performing Companies, etc.! You can also challenge your dancers at your studio to do the same! Have them screenshot the pic and repost and share. This is also a great way to foster camaraderie with other studios in your region.

You can also print them out and share them with your dancers during Valentine week! For an extra special treat, pair them with a WOW Card!

Crush on Summer with Camp Confetti

We love helping you make your summer dance camps fun with Camp Confetti! We just launched FOUR new themes, bringing our total up to 30! You can read about our new themes here and then shop here! The new themes are in presale mode through April 1, so you can still purchase them at a discounted rate!

Each Summer Dance FunPack is a download filled with everything you need to plan and teach your summer dance camp! It will literally save your life this summer!

This year, we also added a special bundle where you can purchase your choice of 4 camps in one bundle for big savings!

And, by adding one or more of these Summer Dance FunPacks to your camps, you will surely be crushing it this summer!

Summer Fun Podcast Episodes!

Our podcast – Make Dance Fun – is now going strong in its second season! We have lots of full episodes all about Summer Fun (it’s too much to pack into one episode!).

  • In Episode 4 from last season, we share some tips with you on how to make your summer planning a success!
  • In Episode 5, we share some tips with you on how to create a program to boost summer enrollment, different types of summer events to offer and a big staffing tip to help your summer camps run efficiently!
  • We interview our Summer Camp Director at our studio in Episode 18 and she shares tons of tips on how to get organized planning for a successful summer.
  • And finally, in our latest episode from this week (#39), we tell you all about the summer launch we did this season at our studio and talk about our new Camp Confetti themes!

We’d love for you to check out all our podcast episodes. You can find them anywhere you listen to podcasts!And, if you love what you hear, we’d love it if you would subscribe and leave us a 5-star rating and review! We’ll share one listener review on the podcast each week and send that person a special Confetti prize! Make sure you listen because it could be you!

Crush-worthy Spotify Playlist with all the Summer Vibes

To help you get into our Crushing on Summer Confetti Mood, we’ve curated a playlist filled with allll the summer vibes, plus some extra crush-worthy tunes! Use them to warm up your winter classes or to put you in a sunny mood anytime! Check out our Crushing on Summer playlist

Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you will need one to access our listIt’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec! While you are there, check out the playlists from all our previous Fun Confetti MOOD posts, too!

Crushing on Summer Pinterest Board!

We created a super fun Pinterest Board to share our crushes for the month of February and summer! From Valentines inspo to fun summer ideas, you’ll for sure be crushing on this Pinterest board!

We wish you all the love this month and hope we’ve inspired you to start crushing on summer so you will crush it this summer!

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