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by on Mar 8 '17

Hey! Are you only here to enter our Instagram contest? If so, click here (but make sure you’ve read our contest rules first!).

But, if you’re here to read our #ConfettiMOOD LUCKY blog post (or, if you want to learn more about our fun contest), keep scrolling!! 


Are you feeling LUCKY? We are! All March long, our #ConfettiMOOD is LUCKY! And, we have some fun lucky charms to share with you!

LUCKY Contest

For starters, we are so LUCKY to have you – our readers! You’re helping us #makedancefun every week, and we appreciate you! That’s why, in keeping with our #ConfettiMOOD LUCKY and to celebrate the launch of Camp Confetti, we are kicking off a contest today where one LUCKY winner will win a FREE Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPack! That’s more than a $175 value! How’s that for bringing in March like a lion!?

Here’s how the contest works. You need to complete all three of these steps to be entered to win!

  1.    Follow Confetti on the Dance Floor on Instagram, AND
  2.    Join our (free!) Confetti Circle by clicking here (NOTE: if you are already in the Confetti Circle, please click here anyway so we can log your entry into the contest! You won’t get double e-mails, we promise, but we do want to make sure your contest entry is registered!), AND
  3.   In the comments section of any #confettiMOOD LUCKY post (hint: look for GREEN!), tag at least TWO friends who are either dance teachers, dance studio owners OR dance studio pages! We’ll make it obvious which photos are the contest photos! They will all look like or be similar to the one below! Don’t worry, we will be checking all our #confettiMOOD LUCKY photos for comments and tags!

Once you complete all three of these steps, you will be entered to win! But, hurry! Our contest ends Tuesday, March 14 at midnight EST. The winner will be chosen at random from all entrants and announced on March 21!

LUCKY Playlist

If you’re like us, you feel lucky anytime you find a fun new song to use in class, or even remember an old one that you haven’t used in a while! We know that sometimes it’s so challenging to find good songs that are appropriate for dance class and not overused. Well, you’re in luck today because we put together a LUCKY Spotify playlist! We included a few songs for each age group so there are options for all ages! Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you will be asked to create one in order to access our list, but it’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec. Do it!



It’s a busy time of year, and we know you are in the middle of recital and costume planning, competition and convention weekends, Summer Camp planning, etc., etc., etc. So, try to take some time to treat yourself and realize how LUCKY you are to be a dance teacher and working with so many amazing kids each week! Since Spring Break is right around the corner (and may already be happening for some of you!!), here are some ideas for a LUCKY Spring treat for YOU:

Get ready for Spring Break and Summer! These amazing towels from Target are #totes confetti faves! I mean, a cactus lounging in a donut?? And, a colorful, super fun pineapple?? Yes, please. Bring on the sun with these fun towels!!

While you’re sporting those new cute towels, how about a fun + festive bag to tote them in!? How cute are these beachy totes…totes, right? The first one is from Revolve and the 2nd one is from Swoozies! Check out our Pinterest Board to link directly to them!


If you’re stressed out and you know it, then your face will surely show it! We clap our hands for these fun facial masks from Tony Moly! They have a fun variety of masks to choose from and can help soothe your skin and wipe that stressed-out look off your face! We especially like these green ones for March!




If you’re like us, you are super LUCKY that your staff pretty much rocks all the time! How about treating them to some LUCKY surprises the week of St. Patrick’s Day? You could deliver a sweet breakfast/brunch complete with donuts, but sprinkle some lucky charms cereal on them while they are still hot to make them even more magically delicious! Check out these fun Lucky Charms donuts from Studio DIY!

Or, you could write a short message to each staff member telling them they (sham)ROCK and attach it to a colorful stick of rock candy! We found this idea from Bloom Designs Online! Just click the image for more info! Better yet, you could make it easier on yourself and simply attach a WOW card to the rock candy!


LUCKY Quotes

If you are running on fumes like we are, you need all the inspiration you can get! We love these insightful quotes inspired by luck! And, for more great quotes like these, check out our #confettiquotecollection Pinterest Board! It’s full of great inspo!

We hope your month is filled with luck! And, GOOD LUCK in our LUCKY Instagram Contest! We can’t wait to announce the LUCKY winner of a Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPack!


p.s. You can find all this LUCKY-inspired FUN on our #ConfettiMOOD: LUCKY Pinterest board here!











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