Current #ConfettiMOOD: PINK!

by on Feb 2 '17

It’s the first day of February, so naturally our #ConfettiMood is shifting to conversation hearts, Valentine’s wishes and all things PINK! We heart pink! It’s such a fun + inspiring color every day of the year!

If you didn’t catch our intro to #ConfettiMOOD last month, skip back and read New Year, Fresh Start: Introducing #ConfettiMOOD, and you’ll be up to speed! We hope you were inspired to start things FRESH in 2017, and we hope these fun PINK items inspire a bright #ConfettiMOOD for the month ahead. And, for even more PINK fun, make sure you follow our Pinterest board which features all of the items below plus more!

PINK Positive

How fun is this PINK sign from A message board this cute and pink deserves to spread good vibes only! We can think of so many ways you can use this at your studio! Here are three right off the top our heads, but the options are endless!

  • Post positive messages or quotes in your lobby!
  • Announce dancers of month! You can have their photo taken with sign, and you can be sure they will post it on social media!
  • Promote events, display your social media or even include a list of hashtags for dancers to use when posting pics from your studio or events!

PINK Playlist

Music! There may not be any other single thing that can impact our mood more than music! We know that sometimes it’s so challenging to find good songs that are appropriate for dance class and not overused. Good news! Just like last month, we put together a PINK Spotify playlist with music inspired by love, hearts and the color PINK! We included a few songs for each age group so there are options for all ages! Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you will be asked to create one in order to access our list, but it’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec. Do it!

Twirl PINK

Twirl Pink is the first of four levels of our Twirl Preschool Program. Designed as an enhancement to your existing curriculum for petite dancers (ages 2-6), Twirl will add a little sparkle + merriment to your existing class curriculum, helping create a lively setting with imaginative activities that your tiniest dancers will love! You can learn what it means to be a Twirl Studio and read all about the Twirl Preschool Program on our website. Also check out our most popular blog post to date: Arabesque Treasure Chest. And, if you don’t already have it, make sure you email us or comment below if you would like a FREE copy of our Arabesque Treasure Chest sample, which is a complete activity and teacher guide from our Twirl Pink book! Also, make sure you ask us how you can make the Twirl Preschool Program profitable at your studio and recoup your costs!

You can become a Twirl studio by purchasing our minimum order of 10 Twirl Packs of one color. A Twirl pack includes a fun + colorful activity book, a fancy Twirl ribbon for their dance bag and a Twirl graduation celebration certificate for each dancer! It also includes a Twirl teacher’s guide…a helpful how-to guide that is chock-full of suggestions for each of the Twirl activity books.

If adding Twirl Pink (or any of our other Twirl color levels) to your regular dance season isn’t in the cards, consider using it as a summer dance camp! There are 10 fun activities that you could condense into several days, and your dancers would receive their activity book, ribbon and a certificate as part of their camp package! We do not recommend this for studios considering to use Twirl as part of their regular season, but it can be a super fun way to make your summer dance camp planning easier!!

PINK Drinks

Sometimes, our caffeine is the only thing that allows us to make it through these crazy February days. We’re definitely feeling this super fun PINK mug. Maybe, just maybe, the combo of necessary caffeine in a PINK vessel will send us all the pink vibes we need to help us focus on our day/week ahead!


PINK Party Style

February is the perfect month to celebrate PINK! And, we love nothing more than a party with fun + festive PINK decorations! You can liven up your dance class with a fun + simple garland and/or a bunch of pink balloons! We love the balloon selection from the @girliegifts07 Etsy Shop, especially fun PINK balloons like this flamingo! You’ve already seen some of their cute balloons from our photo shoots on our Instagram feed. They are also amazing to work with!

PINK Books

How cute is this Flora and the Flamingo book by Molly Idle!? If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out stat. It’s a wordless story told through images of two sweet friends learning a synchronized dance. The images are so beautiful (and PINK)! You can use this book as a fun tool in your youngest dance classes for imagery-guided improv. Spend just a few short minutes at the beginning of class to “read” them the book, then use each page to inspire creative movement.

PINK Start Your Heart

Still working on those resolutions? Yep, us too (insert eye-roll emoji). But, since February is heart month, how about some fun pink inspiration bring us all closer to reaching our fitness goals? A fun pink pair of Nike sneakers or a new bright pink Fitbit wristband might be just the motivation we need!?

Nothing but PINK Skies Up Ahead!

Listen, we know that February is a TOUGH month with competition and convention season in full force. The lead up to those first big events of the year is so super intense! We just want you to remember that there are PINK SKIES UP AHEAD! So, put your mind in a PINK #ConfettiMOOD and start slaying today!






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