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by on Nov 1 '17

It’s like we blinked, and poof…November appeared! Admittedly, being one month closer to the end of 2017 has us feeling a tad frazzled, but on the positive side, the togetherness that November brings also has us feeling oh-so-grateful!

To stay focused on the positive, we want to explore all the fun ways you can incorporate our November #ConfettiMOOD TOGETHER at your studio. Whether it’s a trip to the fair á la Grease (singing, of course, “We Go Together….”), hosting a fun staff event, or holding a spirit week, November is a great month to get TOGETHER!

We Go Together

Try to think of fun things your dancers can do TOGETHER outside of dance class! They will love the bonding time and, the more connected they are, the better they will work and perform together! It could be a fun day at the fair, fall festival, corn maze or other fall fun event! Or, you can even plan your own fun event at a private venue. That’s what we did!

Even though our performing company dancers are pretty much always together at the studio, we wanted to provide them with a special team-building activity outside the studio. So, we found a perfect venue in our area and planned super fun art parties at Farmhouse in the City! Before the party, each performing company selected a short quote they collectively believe represents their group. Then, each dancer created their very own collage from hundreds of patterns and colors provided at the party. That creation was then cut into another collage with pieces of each dancer’s art representing the letters in the words of their chosen quote. The final piece of artwork will be finished by an artist and will hang in our studio!

Besides creating a fun piece of artwork, this special event allowed the dancers to create fun memories together, explore their creativity and bond outside of a dance event!


Let’s Get Together

It’s just as important to keep strong ties among your faculty and staff as it is for your dancers! There are so many fun excuses to get TOGETHER with your team. We’ve already shared many of our faculty events in the past, from our Fabulous Fall Faculty Fun Fest and Recital Planning Retreat last year to our New Season Planning Sesh earlier this year. The point is, you can create fun bonding occasions around work-related meetings and balance the heavier stuff with the lighter stuff!

Earlier this week, we revealed our much anticipated year-end show theme to our studio. But, the morning of the big announcement, we gathered our faculty together to give them a sneak peek before the rest of the studio learned. Being so close to Halloween, we decided to add a fun element by having everyone come in costume! We used this fun Halloween costume generator from @diffdrumdance as a guide for everyone! It made the decision-making process much easier and it was so fun to see everyone’s interpretation of their costume!

We used this fun + affordable light box to highlight each costume, but you can use this fun accessory in your event in so many different ways. Use it to promote your hashtag, announce big/lil, social contests and more!

You can take any of these events and spin them into any time of year for a fun faculty event. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or over the top, just add a little fun to a meeting you already plan to have, and your get-together will be top notch! (Check out our Pinterest Boards for some fun fall table settings for your get togethers!)

Come Together, Right Now

To generate spirit among your entire studio (and not just your competitive teams), you could hold a spirit week any time of the year and encourage dancers to come to class dressed in a theme (or themes) you dictate! You could even devise your own costume generator similar to the one above and fill in your own ideas, even using some adjectives or even teachers specific to your studio! Create a backdrop wall for dancers to snap their spirit pics in front of. Then, encourage dancers to post their pics on social media using a special hashtag you create just for spirit week!

We’re All in This Together

There is so much sadness going on in the world around us, especially with the havoc that the 2017 hurricane season has wreaked upon so many places. Last year, our studio held a Flock Together to Help Haiti fundraiser to benefit the people of Haiti who were recovering from the devastation left behind by Hurricane Matthew. Sadly, this year, even more cities, towns, countries and islands are still trying to pick up the pieces after a dangerous and damaging hurricane season, most notably Harvey, Irma and Maria. We are currently gearing up to host another fundraiser to assist a non-profit Dance Studio in Puerto Rico! We will keep you posted on the details of this one! There are many simple ways you can raise money for a good cause and show others in need that we are all in this together!

Tie it Together with Music! 

Music is the perfect way to bring people TOGETHER, and we’ve put together a super fun Spotify Playlist to go along with our November ConfettiMOOD! You can also find all our other ConfettiMOOD playlists in the same spot! They will provide hours and hours of fun music for dance class…or for when you’ve had enough togetherness and need some time to disappear inside your own head (so you can keep it together!)!


Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you will be asked to create one in order to access our list, but it’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec. Do it! While you are there, you can check out the playlists from all our previous ConfettiMOOD playlists, too!

We hope our #ConfettiMOOD TOGETHER brings your dancers, faculty, staff, studio and community closer TOGETHER! Make sure you check out our Pinterest Boards for more TOGETHER inspo. While you are there, you can also check out all our past ConfettiMood Boards, too!





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