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by on Jul 24 '16

We are so honored + excited for the opportunity to teach a class at the 2016 Dance Teacher Summit (in both NYC and Long Beach). The theme of our class will be…you guessed it…confetti on the dance floor! The goal of our class is to inspire you to create and maintain fun in your studio on a daily basis!

Over the next few weeks, we will be blogging about each segment of the class here, but we want to share an overview of what you can expect from this fun + creative class. And, we may or may not be providing a fun + fancy swag bag for attendees of our class (while supplies last!). Just saying!

Studio Decor: From the first moment customers walk in your studio, you want them to immediately feel welcomed. Your lobby, dressing space, office, studios, and even your restrooms, can make the biggest impression and speak volumes about the energy you and your faculty will deliver. You’ll learn fun + simple ideas you can execute immediately without breaking your budget!

Classes: Curriculum should be the first thing on your list of priorities when it comes to your classes, but finding ways to keep the dancers engaged and having fun should come in a close second. To build your student base and keep them coming back for years, an element of fun is essential. Find out our top ten ideas for injecting more fun into your classes!

Marketing and Branding: Your brand is your reputation–your image. It is what attracts customers to your studio and keeps students coming back year after year. So, of course you want to make it appealing! Your brand is like a garden that needs constant tending. We’ll share simple + impactful ways to enhance your brand and make it bloom!

Recital: Your recital is the culmination of an entire year of hard work from everyone at the studio. It’s the event you want all your dancers and guests talking about for days, weeks and even months afterward. You’ll learn how to generate excitement around your year-end show, and why you shouldn’t wait until May to begin promoting it!

Faculty: We all know that faculty is the key to the success of any studio! A cohesive and engaged faculty can take your studio to the next level. We know that crazy and conflicting schedules can make this effort challenging, but finding small ways to show your faculty that you value their contributions is crucial. If your team is engaged and all on the same page with the same goals and positive energy, the students and parents will feel the same! Learn fun ways to engage your faculty and include them in some of the decisions and processes that make your studio succeed!

twirl: The fun + festive energy and vibe of your studio can begin with your youngest dancers. As busy dance teachers juggling a lot of priorities, we all struggle sometimes to bring new and exciting ideas to our preschool and kindergarten classes. Find out how our new, exclusive twirl program ~ a fun + fanciful approach to dance class that will add sparkle + merriment to your existing class curriculum.

We have so much more to share, so make sure you attend our class! We can’t wait to see you there!

P.s. The confetti on the dance floor class in NYC is scheduled for Friday, July 29 at 8:30a.m.! Stay tuned for the Long Beach class time to be announced!


  • I missed your class in NYC, do you have notes or anything I can review?? We are totally interested in making our studio a fun and inviting space!

  • Hi Ashley! Did you get a notebook from Dance Teacher Summit? Our class notes are in there! And, stay tuned to this blog as we will be posting lots of fun ways to liven up your studio! Thanks for reading!!

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