Find The Perfect Summer Dance Camp Theme for Your Studio!

by on Feb 20 '23

Summer creates the perfect opportunity for you to add lots of FUN at your studio through creative dance camp themes! Families are seeking weeklong activities to fill their children’s calendars and, because we get to host our dancers for more time each day (as compared to a weekly dance class), it’s even more important that we keep young dancers engaged and excited, while also keeping the focus on dance!

As you are planning your summer dance camp themes, we want to make sure you know all about our Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPacks and the 32(!!) fun, creative and unique themes we offer! And these downloads are way more than just a theme….they are game changers and life savers when it comes to summer planning! Two of these fun themes are brand new and were just launched into presale!

It’s almost a guarantee that if you’ve considered a theme for the summer, we likely have one (or four!) dance camp themes that include exactly what you are looking for. And not just that, but they are also completely planned out for you from combo choreography to dance activities and games to crafts, music, decor, creative storylines and lots more!!

With that said, we want to help you find the perfect dance camp theme to add to your studio this summer through Camp Confetti! Take a closer look at our available themes to help you find the perfect camp to offer at your studio this summer!

Preschool Dance Camp Themes

Disney Inspired Preschool Themes

It’s no secret that kids of all ages LOVE all things Disney. There are so many fun + magical themes you can create using inspiration from these popular movies and characters. Here are a few Camp Confetti themes that can help you host a Disney-inspired camp!

For dancers who love Encanto:

The Enchanted Confetti Casita

For dancers who love Frozen:

The Fancy Freeze: A Frozen Adventure

The Snowflake Spectacular: A Frozen Adventure

For dancers who love Moana:

Ooh La La Aloha

For fans of Minnie & Mickey Mouse & Friends:

Fancy Mouse Dress-Up House

For fans of all things Disney Princesses:

Twirltopia Princess Academy

Dancing with My Favorite Princess: Passport to Royalty

Other Fun Preschool Themes

For dancers who love My Little Pony:

Prancing Pony Party: A Charming Adventure

For dancers who love Paw Patrol & The Secret Life of Pets:

Dance PAWty with My Pet

For dancers who love all things mermaids, fairies, unicorns and all things magical!:

Mermagical Mermaids & Shimmery Swans

The Wonderful, Whimsical Woodlands Fairy Waltz

Pom Pom Unicorn’s Carnival on a Cloud

Sparkleberry Fairy Garden

For dancers with lots of fun energy to burn!

Hip Hop FancyCloud Face-Off

DJ Dino’s Hip Hop Stomp

Sharktacular Shenanigans

Elementary Dance Camp Themes

Solving Fun Mysteries:

Fierce Fashionistas & Very Vogue Villains

Confetti Clue Crew: Mystery at the TOYriffic Museum of Fun


The Donut Spytacular


The Escape Club: Wild About Dance


Fun Summer Vibes & Coachella for Kids!:

Boho Desert Bash


Wowza LUAU-za


Making & Performing in Dance Videos, Reels & TikToks:



#dancecampREMIX – Out of This World


Peace, Love & Remix: That 70’s Dance Camp


Pastel Popstars & Rainbow Rockers


The Big Time: Your Name in Lights!


Rhinestone RoundUp: All Things Boots & Bling


Fans of Harry Potter:

The Brightfeather Academy of Magic


Fans of Musical Movies & Broadway Shows:

Marquee Mix-Up: Movie Magic

Marquee Mix-Up: Broadway


If you’re looking for the perfect summer dance camp theme for your studio, look no further than Camp Confetti! And we are always happy to help you choose the right theme for your studio, so reach out to us with any questions!

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