Fun Fall Planning Tips to Start Now

by on Apr 21 '17

It’s that time of year when we are all preparing our Fall schedules and getting ready for registration! As we are building our studio’s schedule for next season, we wanted to share a few key things we are currently doing  (or planning to do) to get ready for next season!

We are working on a revamp of our studio’s website. This is a big, huge, giant, gargantuan task!! We are in the super early phases of this giant project, and we are excited to give our site an overhaul to make it better match our brand today! We are ready to update our look and feel, as well as make the user experience better for our customers. If you haven’t read our blog post from last year about the importance of branding your studio, you should check it out! We are actually following our own advice!

Along those same lines, we’re also looking at all our studio spaces with fresh eyes to see what needs updating, repaired and cleaned up. Granted, it will be over the next few MONTHS before we will have any time to actually act on these visions, but it’s always good to be ahead of the game for securing any contractors you might need during the limited time frame when the studio isn’t full of dancers! We’re hoping for a lobby refresh over the summer based on some SUNNY inspiration from our Palm Springs recital planning trip, as well as some other punch list items around the studio.

Remember the summer party we mentioned in a few of our blog posts earlier this year to promote summer camps and fall registration? We’re planning ours to hold in a couple weeks, so we are getting excited about that! We are excited to launch Camp Confetti at our studio, just like so many of you who have purchased one (or more!) of our Summer Dance FunPacks! We also ordered some fun beach balls with our logo to hand out at the event!

Fall Schedule planning! Even though we created our Twirl Preschool/Kindergarten program for our studio more than 9 years ago, we’ve really loved using the revamped versions this year…the same ones we offer to you in our Confetti Shop! This year, we plan to actually title our classes Twirl Pink, Twirl Lilac, Twirl Yellow and Twirl Aqua to match each of the four levels (in the past, we have called them Twirl 2/3, Twirl 3/4, etc.). When we planned our Fall schedules last year, we had yet not finalized the details of the revamped Twirl program, so we weren’t able to streamline it as much as we can now. We continue to receive tons of positive feedback from those studios who are using Twirl, and lots of questions from those of you who are interested. We wanted to share again the very detailed, information-packed post on our Twirl Preschool/Kindergarten program we published a few weeks ago, as it is such a great resource to answer your questions. We also invite you to check out the hashtag #rhythmtwirl to see how we use the Twirl program at Rhythm! If you are planning your Fall schedules now, we encourage you to read it before you finalize anything! We hope you will consider “Twirling” into Fall with our fun products!

Best of luck to you in your Fall schedule planning! What changes are you planning to make for 2017-2018? We’d love to hear from you!



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