Girls Just Want to Have Fun 80s Dance Parties!

by on Jun 8 '18

Like, Ok. Want a totally fun way to draw more pre-teens and teens to your studio this summer? Host a fun 80s dance party! We recently (re)watched Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and it is jam packed with 80s inspo–from fashion to lingo to music to cool 80s dance moves! It totally inspired us, and we hope to inspire you, too!

You’ll likely find that most teens today aren’t even aware of this gem of a movie, so you could host a fun themed day or evening this summer and even show the movie. (Check out our recent post on hosting a movie night for even more fun ideas on that topic!)

Start by inviting dancers to dress the part. You could create a fun Pinterest board with fun 80s dance styles channeling Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Footloose and Flashdance, but also include iconic 80s artists/icons like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, The Bangles, Whitney Houston, Cher, Boy George, Jane Fonda and more!

Fer sure play only 80s music throughout your entire class! Teach a fun 80s combo or two incorporating some fab 80s dance moves…the moonwalk, the cabbage patch, the robot, the Kid n’ Play, the running man…the list goes on and on! You can have so much fun even just going across the floor!

If you want to go all out, you could even create a fun splatter-paint backdrop for dancers to perform in front of and to use as photo ops! You can use any light-colored backdrop paper (white may be best) or even a plain sheet, then have lots of fun (outside of course) splattering bright colored paint all over it!

Since many studios are gearing up for nationals, this fun 80s dance party would also be a great spirit day theme for your competition dancers!

No matter how you choose to incorporate this fun 80s theme, your dancers will have so much fun dressing in 80s style, learning all the classic 80s dance moves and of course dancing to totally tubular 80s music. We’re sure it’ll be totally radical!

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