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by on Jan 26 '17

Last week, we unofficially launched a new blog series called Confetti Conversations when we chatted with Kim Hale about social media. And, this week, we are officially launching what we think will be a super fun + inspiring series where we can all learn from dance industry pros, fellow dance studio owners and inspiring leaders! We hope you will find it inspiring as well!

Before we kick off our first official Confetti Conversation, there’s a little BTS (behind the scenes) info I want to share. Yes, I said I. Hi, I’m Shelley. Confetti on the Dance Floor is a website, blog and business conceived, created and run by Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg, the founders and owners of Rhythm Dance Center in Marietta, Georgia. There are also several people who work BTS to help bring their creative, original and always-inspiring ideas to life. I’m one of those people. I write a lot of these blog posts and am merely a vessel to bring you their amazing ideas, dance expertise and creative insight.

In this first official Confetti Conversation, I urged them to let me feature the two of them because I know they have so much inspiration to offer! I mean, helloooo all the amazing content in this blog after just 8 months! And, helloooo everything Rhythm Dance Center for the past 24 years. Sure, I am super biased, but I’m also correct! They reluctantly agreed to allow me to do so. They also weren’t super keen on this very paragraph making it into the post at all. But, I pressed them to let me keep it in (and if you’re reading this, I won!). They are very humble, extremely hardworking and always striving to make everything they do a little bit better than the last thing. So, that being said, I am the one bragging on them here, and it’s not them bragging on themselves!

I think you are in for a treat to learn more about each of them, their successes, what inspires them and how they remain creative through all the chaos. And believe me, there is lots of chaos (as you know…you likely eat, drink, breathe and sleep chaos yourself on the daily!).

This interview will also give you a flavor of what’s to come in the Confetti Conversation blog series from inspiring people throughout our industry! The only difference is that, in the future, Becca and Dani will be interviewing the guests and not me. So, that’s the end of the BTS background and, now, on to the Confetti Conversation!

Tell everyone who you are!

We are Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg, co-founders, owners, creators and directors of Rhythm Dance Center and Confetti on the Dance Floor, based in Marietta, Georgia.

When did you first become involved in the dance world?

B: I’ve danced my entire life, but I started assisting dance classes in high school and teaching dance in college. We opened Rhythm Dance Center in 1993!

D: I was somewhat of a late bloomer and did not begin dancing until I was 10 years old. I started with a combo class on Saturday mornings and, within a year, was dancing multiple times per week. I was hooked! I entered the teacher/studio owner world of dance about 26 years ago.

Favorite book, magazine or quote?

B: I love magazines and books! Vogue is my favorite fashion magazine. I also have to say I love Dance Teacher Magazine. There are always inspiring and interesting articles about dance education. I have a large collection of coffee table books and could never pick just one. I also have a ton of motivational books with great quotes, and I refer to them almost daily! Here’s just one of many favorites by Orson Swett Marden:

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great!”

D: I can’t say I have one favorite and, although I’m not a huge reader on the regular, anything promoting positivity and encouragement draws me in. And also, pretty things! I’m definitely more of a visual person, and images alone can be so inspiring to me.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

B: There’s too much to pinpoint just one piece of advice, but currently I love listening to podcasts for business advice and motivation: Gary Vaynerchuk (language warning!), Sophia Amaruso (Girl Boss Radio), and Elizabeth Gilbert are all very inspiring to me. Also, my parents have been a huge influence on my business. They both have/had great careers and have always supported and encouraged me. I have always felt I could achieve anything I set my mind to because of their constant guidance.

D: To understand that making every single customer happy is not a reality. As much as we try (very hard) to do so, not everyone will see things the way you do. Stick to what you feel is best for you and your dancers.

What’s a mistake you’ve made or watched someone else make that you learned from?

B: I have made so many mistakes! And, I continue to do so! I think mistakes and even sometimes failing is such an important aspect of business and life. You learn to do things much better after making a mistake. I have made too many to list! But, I am open minded to always to learning from them.

D: I am learning from my mistakes all the time..haha! It’s how you grow! Delegating is something we, as studio owners, tend to struggle with, but learning to let go of some things and passing them on to someone with more time and energy to devote to them will help you grow your business. You are only one person and the sooner you realize that and get the help you need, the sooner you will see progression. This took me a LONG time to do…and I wish now I had figured it out sooner.

Do you have any productivity hacks?

B: I work incredibly well under pressure! Also, our office space we rented (in addition to our dance studio) has made us very productive! When working in a quiet, inspiring space, I am definitely more productive. I’m also a big fan of Google Docs and Basecamp. Also, a huge productivity booster for us is to plan a getaway for a few days with some key staff members and tackle a big project. We do this in the fall for our recital planning and it is amazing how productive we are! On occasion, we do this for smaller projects as well. I highly recommend it!

D: I am all over the place with this one depending on what project I’m working on, but in general, clearing the space in my head by stepping away from the everyday routine for a minute helps. For me, that can mean taking my dog on an extra long walk (without my phone:), getting a massage or putting myself in a different setting to work.

What’s your creative process?

B: I am constantly inspired by so many things! I really need to feel connected to what I am doing and creating, whether it is a concept for a show or new choreography, a graphic design project, costume, photo shoot, etc. Even when it doesn’t make sense to others, I need to have a story or plan that makes sense to me to help create it! After I come up with an idea, I become obsessive with searching for inspiration – through magazines, shopping, images, Pinterest, fashion shows, books…I usually make a Pinterest board and refer to that often. I save images that evoke a feeling…it isn’t always literal. Before Pinterest, I would literally tear pics out of magazines and save them. I am a recovering magazine addict!! (It was a little out of control…I have just recently starting letting go of all my magazines!!)

D: It really depends on what’s being worked on at the time, but being a visual person, scrolling through Instagram and following other creative people/accounts/businesses can often get things rolling. Back in the day, this would be flipping through magazines, which I still love to do, but having easy access to anything you want online is a huge help. I sometimes feel guilty while spending time (usually late at night) perusing through social media, but you never know what you might see that sparks an idea. As dance teachers/studio owners, we wear so many hats, but taking the time to see what’s going on in the world around you can help trigger an idea for choreography, costuming, music, show themes, party planning, student/faculty bonding, studio decor and even business decisions.

Who or what inspires you?

B: Fashion and travel are two big sources of inspiration for me! I also love interior design. I love reading design/lifestyle blogs, listening to podcasts, reading inspirational books, looking at magazines. I am an optimist. I always want to see the good in everything. I am very inspired by beautiful and interesting spaces, whether it is the simple beauty of the mountains, an amazing hotel, incredible interior space, or a super fun party! I love vintage, all things french, pink, 70s style, chandeliers, sequins, art deco, museums…I could go on and on! There is so much beauty in our world to be inspired by!

D: I am inspired by so many things & people on a daily basis. As at teacher, I am constantly inspired by my students. When I see the lightbulb come on for a dancer, it ignites a fire in me to try even harder to help them grow. I am inspired by people I see working as hard as they can to achieve their goals. I am inspired by our staff and their dedication and commitment to the overall success of our studio and dancers. I am inspired by watching the tiniest dancers observing the older dancers. I am inspired by people that take responsibility for themselves and their actions, that put a plan into place and follow through with it. Oh man, I could go on and on with this one…haha!

Who is your dance icon?

B: I love Bob Fosse, Cyd Charrise, Debbie Reynolds and…Mandy Moore! Mandy may not be an official dance icon yet, but she is well on her way! Her work in La La Land is amazing, and that is just one of her many choreography credits. She is a huge role model for Dani and I. Her advice and approach to all things dance is on point. Always.

D: I’ve always been drawn to Cyd Charrise for her incredible style and confidence. And, we share the same birthday 🙂

When you face a creativity block or an uninspired day/week/month, how do you move yourself out of it?

B: Take a few days off! Travel if possible!

D: Removing myself from my normal, everyday setting is a huge help. If at all possible, taking a small vacation, checking into a nice hotel for a day or two or completely clearing my head by doing nothing dance-related can help. That clearing allows space to open up for new exciting, creative possibilities.

What encourages you the most about the dance world today? 

B: Dance seems to be everywhere these days! Young dancers have so many great resources for training and inspiration.

D: The fact that we can turn on the TV almost any day or night or go to a movie and view amazing dancing with ultra talented dancers with incredible choreography and costuming excites me. It wasn’t always like that. My social media feeds are filled with so much dance and I hope we can see it continue and grow as it has over the last several years. Not only is it inspiring, but it’s providing so many job opportunities for the dancers we are training.

Biggest accomplishment?

B: I am super proud of our business and the growth we have seen over the past 24 years – we’ve come a long way! I love that we have created a place for all levels of dancers. Whether they are here once a week or everyday, there is a place for them. I also love seeing all the dancers that come through Rhythm grow into amazing humans! We get so many messages, emails, letters letting us know how much being a part of our studio has meant to them and helped them in all aspects of their life! I mean, what more could you ask for? This is what it’s about…whether they are in the dance industry or not!

D: I’m super proud of many great accomplishments, but to date, the top would have to be our Dance Teacher Magazine cover story last year. We were completely blown away when they asked us to share our story in their April issue. The entire process was incredible and sort of felt like a dream…haha! We felt so honored that they thought of us and thought that what we were doing in Marietta, Ga., was worth sharing with dance teachers all over the country. #unbelievablygrateful

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?

B: I feel so lucky to do what I love and have so many creative outlets! I also love being able to create opportunities and provide fun and fulfilling experiences for kids. I love working in a happy place and being surrounded by so many inspiring and amazing humans every day. Each day brings something new, and we are never, ever bored at Rhythm Dance Center (or at Confetti on the Dance Floor!)

D: Seeing the growth of so many kids whether they dance after their time at Rhythm or not. And, the lasting friendships and relationships we get to build with so many wonderful people.

What’s next for you and your business?

B: I am really excited about Confetti on the Dance Floor and the new opportunities (and challenges) that a new business brings!

D: To continue on the path I’m on. Continue to grow, to inspire, to be inspired, to motivate, to mentor, to create and to have FUN!

B: And, YES to everything Dani said!

As you know (since you created it and all), Confetti on the Dance Floor is all about celebrating fun, positive and inspirational moments! Tell us about your most confetti-worthy moment?

B: My most confetti-worthy moment was being featured on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine in April 2016. I still can’t believe it! It was such a fun and rewarding experience in every way!

A close second was helping Make-a-Wish Foundation and Sunshine on a Ranney Day grant Ruby’s wish at our dance studio last year. It was such a great example of how much happiness dance can bring! It was memorable in so many ways, and I was so proud of all our dancers. They were incredible! This was the day that I came up with the name Confetti on the Dance Floor as well! I was so inspired by the literal confetti on the dance floor left after that day. I even took a picture of it and told Dani that I wish our floor looked like that every day! I mean, if you find confetti on your dance floor…you know something fun has happened!

D: Our Dance Teacher Magazine Cover was definitely confetti-worthy. Melanie Moore winning season 8 of SYTYCD was pretty exciting as well!

OK, on to some fun, quick-fire questions. You know, the really important stuff…

Cocktails or Mocktails?

B: Cocktails

D: Cocktails

Coffee or tea?

B: Coffee

D: Both!

Queso or Guac?

B: Guac

D: Both!

Pizza or tacos?

B: Tacos

D: Pizza

Go-to Emoji?

B: Glitter, Champagne Bottle, Eye Roll

D: Dog…it’s always about Ruthie!

Morning person or night owl?

B: Night Owl

D: Night Owl

Take out or Dine in?

B: Dine in

D: Take out

Broadway or Hollywood?

B: Both!!

D: Hollywood

Netflix or Big Screen?

B: Big Screen

D: Big Screen

Sequins or sweats?

B: Sequins

D: Both!

So, there you have it! We would love to hear from you on any additional questions you have for Becca and Dani, so comment below and let us know! Also, tell us who you’d love to have a Confetti Conversation with in the dance world?

Cheers to you, our readers! Thank you! Hope you find confetti on your dance floor soon!





  • Loved this!!!! ✨

  • Love everything about this! best bosses ever!

  • Love this!!
    Dani, what are some of the things you “let go” of first? And who do you let do these? Teachers? Hire someone?

    • Hi Susan! Great question!

      One big thing we let go of is the ordering of all recital costumes. We make all final decisions on what each class will wear, but our main office manager sizes everyone, places the orders and labels them when they come in. She also deals with any and all exchanges or alterations that need to be made. We were hesitant to let someone else do this, but turns out, she’s much more accurate and efficient with the entire process.

      Registration for competitions and conventions was another thing we passed on to someone else. We have one of our teachers do it, but she is part of our admin staff as well. We do a good bit of going back and forth to confirm categories, fees, etc., but the amount of time we’ve saved by having her do it is incredible. If you have kids attending these events, it’s definitely something to consider.

      Preparing all the music for our year end shows and competitions was something we thought we’d never let anyone else do as the last thing you want is for your dancers to be standing on stage and the wrong song start. Several years ago, one of our main teachers asked if we wanted her to start burning CD’s for a competition and knowing how organized she was, we said yes. Best decision ever! Since then, we trust her 1000% in making the appropriate playlists, burning CD’s, uploading to competitions, etc. Again, a huge time saver.

      With all the above, we do compensate them appropriately for the jobs they are doing. If you don’t have someone on your current staff with the time and interest in the things you want to pass on, you may need to hire someone new. The time we now have to focus on other things is well worth what we pay to have them do these important jobs for us.

      Hope you find this helpful! It really is hard to let go of some things, but once you do it and you see that it can be done by someone else (sometimes even better than you did it:), the more you can focus on other things you may not have had time for. Good luck!


  • Love all of this!

  • Guys, is that really what your office/lounge area looks like? If so, I’m so jealous! 🙂

    • Haha! We rent an office space several miles away from the studio, and we try to keep it our white space for sanity. Just know that many, many, many days it is a chaotic mess from photo shoot props, boxes, confetti EVERYWHERE, etc. So, we’d be lying if we said it looks like this all the time. But, we DO love this space and it has literally saved our lives! 🙂

  • Love this. Love the whimsy you bring to the industry. You’ve inspired me so much. I met Ashley at Dance Teach Summit a few years ago and she was a great connection in discovering your amazing work.

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