It’s a Hip Hop Halloween Night!

by on Oct 12 '17

We’re baaaack!

And, while we won’t be communing with you through your TV à la Poltergeist (you’re welcome), we do have a spooky fun Halloween combo to share with you through your computer (or mobile) screen! Just not in a scary way!

That’s right…It’s #Halloweekonthedancefloor time – Take Two! If you didn’t experience our fun combo last year, you should definitely check it out here. But, there is even more spooky fun to be had this year with A Hip Hop Halloween Night!

This fun combo is perfect for all ages (you can easily adapt it even for your tiniest tots) and will add a skele-ton of fun to your dance classes during October.

Get Your Ghoulish Grooves On!

To download and watch the tutorial video of our talented choreographer, Mrs. Ashley Hermance, and her assistants, simply clink on the link below, and you will be taken to a Dropbox folder that also includes our edited version of the fun song by the Halloween Freaks!

Our challenge to you is to teach this super fun, high energy combo to all your classes leading up to Halloweek, and share your video with the dance world! You can post your video use our hashtag: #halloweekonthedancefloor. If 10 or more studios post a video by Friday, November 3 using the hashtag, we will give one lucky winner (drawn at random) a $50 credit to our Confetti Shop! Now, that’s something to sink your fangs into!

Boo-tiful Backdrops!

Get creative when you are filming your dance crew with a fun + spooky backdrop. You can use Halloween-themed wrapping paper, wall decorations, even banners in the background. We used some black washi tape (it is easily removeable!) and spelled out “Hip Hop Halloween” (see pic below) for one of our fun video shoots (look for it on our social media accounts sometime next week). It was super quick and easy. It literally took us 5 minutes! For some spooky inspiration, check out our #ConfettiMOOD SPOOKY! Pinterest Board and start creating!


Click here to access the video link: A Hip Hop Halloween Night!

NOTE: We included two versions of the music…the one labeled faster speed is the one we used in the video. The slower speed one can be used for your younger classes or as you prefer! 

Then, check your broom at the studio door and get on the dance floor!

Don’t forget to share your videos with us! Just use hashtag #halloweekonthedancefloor




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