Jingle-Worthy Gifting Guide for the Dance World!

by on Nov 30 '16

Cue the sparkly snow confetti…’tis the gift-giving season!! Before you and every other studio owner on earth can officially start counting down the days until the most wonderful time of the year, you may first need to do a little shopping. Here at Confetti, we heart shopping for fun + fancy finds, so gift-giving season is right down our alley Santa Claus Lane!

To help kick off the merriment, we’ve curated what we think are some of the most festive + jingle-worthy gifts for your staff, your studio and yourself, and we can’t wait to share them with you! To keep your spirits bright and your shopping quick + simple, you can shop it right here from our Pinterest board!

Treat Yo Self

You may really think we have visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads for putting YOU at the top of your own shopping list, but we know you are constantly giving your time, your energy, your passion, your everything to everyone else. Since we’re certain you’ve done everything you should, extra special good, you deserve to #treatyoself! Here are our top five faves to gift yourself! (And, hint, hint to any of you dance teachers out there reading this, these are GREAT ideas to gift your studio owner boss!)


  1. Spread Cheer Like a Boss! For most of us, exactly -zero- cheer is spread until the caffeine goes down, so why not choose this fun mug as the vessel that will warm your soul? And, for an added boost of spritely delight, it’s always good to be reminded that you ARE kind of a big deal!
  2. Busy Little Elf All.Year.Long! You own a dance studio…need we say more?!
  3. Access, Inspiration and Support. Check, check and check! We are firm believers that we can’t (nor should we) do this dance studio ownership thing alone. Especially not when the vast resources of DanceStudioOwner.com could be right at your fingertips! Give yourself the gift of relief, expertise and so much more by gifting yourself a membership to this invaluable community. You won’t regret it!
  4. Holiday Hair, Don’t Care! No one would or should turn away a spa day of any kind, but the gift of glam is an extra special way to make your season bright! So, spend an afternoon at Drybar where someone else worries about your hair. Can’t spare the time it takes getting there and back? A beGLAMMED consultant will actually come TO you, where ever you are! What a total treat to give yourself before a competition, performance or any celebration when you just have no more energy or effort left to spare! Not in a geographic region to take advantage of these fab resources? You know your local stylist would love to glam you up for the holidays! Do it, you’ll thank yourself immediately!
  5. Happy New (Planning) Year! If you must get back to the grind in the new year, you at least need a super cute + colorful calendar to plan out all your busy days. Yes? We love this one (and everything else) from Erin Condren!

 Shine Light oYour Staff

Your teachers live for making spirits bright every day at your studio, and now it’s your turn to spread the cheer their way! Here are a few fa la la lovely ideas that will really make their eyes aglow!


  1. Put on Your Red Shoes (And These)! Move over, every other bauble we own. These fab earrings say it all. Let’s?
  2. Baby, It’s Cold (or Warm) InsideWhen the weather outside is frightful, S’well bottles keep hot drinks delightful! And, when the snow melts away, they will also keep cold beverages frosty! You can choose from a rainbow’s array of colors and sizes and they even come in a lower priced option, S’ip by S’well.
  3. All is Calm! Everyone knows that coloring is therapeutic for all ages. And, everyone also knows that if anyone needs relaxation, it’s a dance teacher! Andddd, when we saw this one, we were not throwing away our shot at sharing quite possibly the best adult coloring book ever!
  4. Tell Us About It! You really can’t go wrong with a super fun graphic tee. The ones at the tip-toe-top of our list for dance-related can be found at Cloud & Victory and Sugar and Bruno. We also adore Ban.do and Junk Food Clothing Co. for all things cool + hip!
  5. Help Them Help You! Show your teachers how much you truly value them by contributing to their own personal and professional growth. After a weekend at Dance Teacher Summit, you and your teachers will leave with a renewed energy and a sleigh full of fresh ideas and actions to implement!This is the gift that keeps on giving, so it’s truly a win-win for you and your staff! And, did you know that you can earn one free registration for one full attendee per every Break the Floor convention your studio attends with at least 10 dancers? Yep, still winning on this gift idea!

Seasons Treatings to Your Studio

As studio owners, in the midst of taking care of business, producing performances and planning gifts and parties for our dancers and staff, the studio itself often falls to the wayside. We encourage you to think of your studio as more than just a building or a lobby or a room. As we covered in a recent post, your studio is a huge part of your brand! So, this year, treat it like another important person on your giving list, and gift it something(s) it deserves! But what, you may ask? Never fear, the Confetti Gift Guide for your studio is here!


  1. Frame the Fun! You have no idea how much fun comes from a Confetti FunFrame! Your dancers will snap more pics in your studio and at your events. That’s free advertising, plus you can add some fun + fancy to your social posts! This sturdy, custom frame was constructed to withstand the chaos of a dance studio. And, you get to customize it with your favorite social handles and very own comments, too!
  2. Check Your Grinch at the Door! Place this friendly message as a gentle reminder at your front desk for dancers, parents and staff alike, and promote an atmosphere of positivity all day, every day!
  3. If These Walls Could Talk! Well, wouldn’t you want them to say something super nice + awesome? This stand-out, glittery wall art adds a pop of style to your studio and keeps those good vibes flowing!
  4. Throw Compliments Around Like Confetti! We can’t say enough what a positive + motivational impact our WOW cards have made on dancers of ALL AGES at our studio. And, we’re hearing the same from our customers! This super-fun set of 500 WOW compliments includes 25 each of 20 different fun + fancy designs!
  5. From the Rooftops, Shout it Out! OK, OK, maybe not from the rooftop, but how handy would this cute + compact portable speaker be for rehearsals and outside performances? Don’t get us wrong, walking around with your hand in the air whilst blasting music from your phone can push through the noise of a crowd in a pinch, but wouldn’t this be so much better. And cooler?

Still looking for more ideas? We have lots more ideas on our Pinterest page, so make sure you check it out! You can always find fun + fancy products in the Confetti shop too!

Happy shopping, and may the calendar keep bringing happy holidays to you!


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