Let’s Twirl ~ A Guide to Our Fun + Fancy Preschool Dance Program!

by on Mar 31 '18

This time of year, we receive so many questions about our fun Twirl Preschool Program, so we’re dedicating an entire post to Twirl! To keep it simple, we’re presenting this post Q&A style so we can really dive into our most frequently asked questions. But, we also have a fun podcast episode from our first series on Transform My Dance Studio that goes into some detail on Twirl as well. You can check out Party Like a Preschooler here!

And, here’s what you have been asking us!

What exactly is Twirl?

Twirl is our fun + fancy preschool and kindergarten program designed to add a little sparkle + merriment into your dance classes. Twirl is not a curriculum, but a very colorful + engaging way to infuse FUN into your existing preschool/kindergarten structure.

We like to think of it as a dance party once per month in your preschool and kindergarten classes! The Twirl program comes with a book, ribbon and certificate for each dancer, as well as an accompanying teacher guide for you!

Each activity book has 10 activities, so it is the perfect length to hold a special Twirl week once per month and make sure class is extra fun during those weeks! You’ll find your dancers look so forward to Twirl week, and it is a great retention tool, too!

We offer four different levels of Twirl based on age groups. Since it is not a curriculum, there are no hard-and-fast rules on age, but at our studio we use the following as a guideline:

Twirl Pink – ages 2-3

Twirl Lilac – ages 3-4

Twirl Yellow – ages 4-5

Twirl Aqua – ages 5-6

How do I become Twirl studio, and what does that mean? 

You become a Twirl studio as soon as you purchase the minimum order of 10 Twirl Packs of one color level! It’s that simple! The books are not available in quantities less than 10, but you are welcome to purchase any quantity above 10 (i.e. you can purchase 14 or 16 or 11…you don’t have to purchase in increments of 10). Once you are a Twirl studio, we will share with you the Twirl logo to use for promoting your program, as well as a class description to use in your registration marketing materials and/or website.

What is a Twirl Pack?

A Twirl Pack comes with one of each of  the following:

  • A fun + colorful Twirl Activity Book ~  These fun books demonstrate age-appropriate dance steps and proper terminology in a creative way. There are 10 activities in each book, plus a few fun extras. Each dancer will receive their very own Twirl activity book!
  • A fancy Twirl Ribbon ~ This adorable rosette will hang on the dancers dance bag and collect rhinestones at the completion of each dance class. Stamps and stickers fade away, but at the end of the season, this ribbon will be a sparkly reminder of how much fun they had in your dance class!
  • A Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate ~ At the completion of each season,  dancers will be awarded a Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate. Make this event a fun fête and invite the parents into class for this special little ceremony!
  • A  Teacher Guide ~ YES, we’ve got your back! This is your Twirl Manual. The Teacher Guide for each level includes detailed instructions for each activity in the book, plus other fun things like props, music suggestions and more.

So, for example, if you purchased the minimum order of 10 Twirl Pink Packs, you would receive 10 Pink Activity Books, 10 Pink Ribbons, 10 Graduation Celebration Certificates and one Pink Teacher Guide.

How do you use Twirl at your studio?

We have over 300 preschool dancers at our studio, and nearly all of them are in a Twirl class! These are ballet/tap combo classes, and we teach our standard curriculum every week. But, once per month in class, we have a super special Twirl class. We meet with our preschool teachers at the beginning of the season and map out Twirl weeks on the calendar for the entire season so everyone is on the same page!

We make a really big deal out of this day, and go all out with our props, dance games and activities. We even decorate the studio in the theme of the activity. Check out the hashtag #rhythmtwirl to see some of our fun class pics at Rhythm Dance Center! The dancers and parents love it! You can also see some of our customers at #twirlwithconfetti!

On the first day of class, we give each dancer their fancy Twirl Ribbon. In fact, we go ahead and affix the ribbon to their dance bags for them so they won’t get lost. We explain to our dancers that, at the end of class, they will receive a sparkly adhesive rhinestone on their ribbon, and, it will become even more sparkly every week when they come to dance class (this really does help encourage attendance!). It also works as a behavior motivator because they definitely want their sparkly rhinestone at the end of class!

We also give each dancer their Twirl activity book on the first day of class, and we personalize each one with the dancers’ names. But, the books stay at our studio in labeled magazine racks throughout the season, and we bring them out one time per month on Twirl week. Can you imagine the drama of tiny dancers forgetting or losing their books? Nope, no one needs that in their life! This makes it so much easier!

A few days before Twirl week, we send a fun email to parents to let them know this month’s theme as we love for our dancers to dress in specific colors or themes if they want. It’s optional, of course!

We begin class by opening to that day’s activity in the book and introduce the dancers to the fun Twirly girl characters (Lucy, Gemma and Annabel), and we read the poem that relates to that day’s activity. It depends on the ages of the dancers whether we have them repeat the poem after us. The older kids who are able to read can always read it out loud with you. By reading the poem and seeing the colorful pages, the dancers become engaged in the theme of the activity and are ready to Twirl!

Meet the Twirly Girls! From left to right, Annabel, Lucy and Gemma!

There is plenty of time in class to teach your curriculum in addition to Twirl, but we always find ways to link all the activities of that day back to our theme. And, even though we only bring out the books and all the pizzazz once per month, dancers love their Twirl activities, so we repeat them all month long in our non-Twirl week classes!

At the end of the season, we invite parents in for the last few minutes of class for the dancers to give a special Twirl performance, then we hold an informal graduation ceremony where the dancers receive their certificates. It is also at this time they take possession of their Twirl Activity book to keep forever to remind them of all the fun they had dancing with us this year!

How many activities are included in each Twirl book?

Each Twirl book includes 10 unique activities (as does the accompanying Teacher Guide)! As referenced above, we introduce a new activity once per month, so that takes us through an entire season! There are also several extra fun things for the dancers to do once they take their books home, like coloring or hidden picture pages!

I love the idea of using Twirl at my studio, but we have a tight budget. Can I pass along any of the costs to my customers?

Trust us, we TOTALLY get the budget thing! That’s what is so great about the way we structure it at our studio (and the way many of our customers do now as well).  At the time of registration, our Twirl dancers pay our standard registration fee – the same fee that everyone who dances at our studio pays – but they also pay an additional Twirl fee, which we explain is to recoup the costs of materials their dancer will receive (book, ribbon and certificate). You could even add $5 or so to your costs and make a small profit if you want. You will know best what will work at your studio and with your customers!

Another idea is to build the expense into other existing costs. You could add it to a costume fee, uniform fee, recital fee, etc. We personally believe in the product, and our dancers love it so much that we are upfront about the fee and we honestly receive no complaints about this from our families. Our dancers LOVE their Twirl ribbons and books!

If passing the cost on to your customers just isn’t in the cards for you right now, think of  it as an investment that you are making into your recreational preschool program! Many of us sink so much money into our performing companies with guest teachers, choreographers and other activities (guilty as charged!) but sometimes hesitate to do the same for our recreational programs. Our rec programs are our bread and butter (and where we pull our future dedicated dancers and performing company members), so it’s important to constantly show that we are innovating and focusing on those classes as well. And when your dancers tell their friends at school and in their neighborhoods how much fun they have in Twirl class, your phone will start ringing for more registrations!

For starters, you can always start small. Add one Twirl class to your schedule, and see how it goes. If you do this, we recommend starting with the Pink level for your youngest dancers. That way, if the program is a success, they can grow up with Twirl at your studio by advancing each year to the next color level!

Twirl sounds like a great program, but I am really happy with our current preschool class structure. Are there other ways we can incorporate Twirl into our studio? 

Actually, yes! There are several ways! One idea is to hold a mini-session (8-10 weeks) for dancers who didn’t commit in time to be in the recital or for those who aren’t looking for a full season of dance classes yet. With 10 activities in each color level, you can make an entire mini season with Twirl! And, they will love getting their ribbon and certificate to go along with their mini session as well!

Another idea is to use Twirl as a summer camp! Note: we don’t recommend this if you are also planning to use Twirl as part of your regular season, as you may have dancers who want to do both and would fall in the same level for both summer and regular season. But, if you are looking for a fun way to use it without creating a special class, it will be perfect for summer! But, we also have Camp Confetti for summer, so check that out before you decide to use Twirl for Summer!

Could I see a sample of an activity from one of the Twirl activity books so I can better understand what Twirl is all about? 

Yes! Click here to download a FREE SAMPLE ACTIVITY – Arabesque Treasure Chest – from our Twirl Pink level! In fact, we did an entire blog post on this activity! Check it out to see how we translated the activity in our class! Then, try this activity in one of your classes, and watch how excited your little dancers become as they engage in the activity! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

We hope this post helped you better understand what our Twirl Preschool Program is, how it works and how you can make it a successful program at your studio that boosts your brand and takes your preschool/kindergarten classes to the next level!

Now, who’s ready to TWIRL? You can become a Twirl Studio today by clicking here and buying your first 10 Twirl Packs! 






  • Hello darlings! Let’s bring the twirl program to Brazil? My name is Flavia Thais and I apologize for not being able to write in English (I’m using Google translator). I really want to bring your methodology to my school, but unfortunately the cost of shipping to Brazil is very expensive! Can you help me??? As I will have to translate the books into Portuguese a book of each step would be enough. I await the answer!

    • Hi Flavia! Thank you for your comment! I’m so sorry but unfortunately, we are not able at this time to fill an order of less than 10 books per level. The activities and level of detail that go into the Teacher’s Guide alone, plus our hard costs for materials, require us to keep the minimum to 10 of each color. One suggestion would be for you to try only one level and purchase the minimum for that and see how it goes for you. If you decide you want to try it, let us know and we will get you a shipping estimate (we would need your address). Also, by chance will you be attending Dance Teacher Summit this summer in Long Beach, California? A lot of international studios attend this seminar for dance studio owners and dance teachers, and you would be able to purchase them from us there and not pay for shipping. Just a thought! We really appreciate you reaching out to us! Take care!

    • Hi Shannon! I just emailed you a copy of the Arabesque Treasure Chest sample! Let us know if you do not receive it. Thanks!!

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  • Would love a sample & can’t wait to see what the Twirl Summer Camp Program is like!

    • We think you’ll love our summer camps! I just emailed you the sample activity, so look for it in your inbox. Thanks so much!!

  • I too would love to check out a sample!

    • Hi Linda! I just sent one your way via email. Please let me know if you have any questions about the Twirl preschool program. Thanks so much!

  • I would definitely love a sample of this! I took the plunge and ordered quite a few of your fabulous camps. Amazing. I look forward to receiving a sample offer of your Twirl activity.

    • Hi Sandy! I’ve just sent you an email with the sample activity. Thank you for reaching out and for taking the plunge! We’re so glad you are pleased with your purchase! Please let us know if you have any questions about Twirl or any of our other fun products! Have a great week!

  • I would love a sample!

    • Hi Emily! I just sent you a copy of the sample activity! Make sure you check your spam folder if you do not receive it. Thanks for reaching out, and enjoy!!

  • I’m very interested in your twirl program! I just had our main preschool/ kindergarten dance teacher that teaches 90% of that age quit 7 weeks before recital. Although as directors, staff and assistants, we have handled it like champs, I need to introduce something so so big and so exciting for the next year that makes parents want to stay with us. Do you have social media flyers, introductions that explain your program like you do for your summer camps? I want to send out a very colorful and super fun email, social media blast and plaster my website with your flyer and info. Do you have any of that? If not, I do not think I will order. This year we have about 125 of that age that would participate in the twirl program. Please help make my life easier

    • Hi Melissa! So sorry to hear about your teacher quitting, but as a resourceful studio owner, sounds like you have it covered! Still, no one has time for that this time of year!

      I would love to chat with you about your needs on the Twirl program. We do provide the Twirl logo and a social message you can use, but it’s not quite as formal as Camp Confetti. I’m certain we can work something out to get the word out to your customers.

      If you are willing/able to chat, please call Shelley at 770.946.6025. It will be easier than talking over the blog!

      Thanks so much, and best of luck to you in these last few weeks!!

  • Hello! I would love a sample.

  • I would love a sample if your Arabesque Tresure Chest program. Need some fun inspiration for our itty bitty dancers! Thank you!

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  • I would like to purchase this program. Can you send me details please?

    • Hi Stacy! Sure – you can purchase it right from our website on the “Shop Around” tab. I will also send you an email with more information and a PDF of our sample activity, Arabesque Treasure Chest that is mentioned in this blog post that you commented on. Thank you for reaching out and look to receive an email from us shortly!

    • Hi Stacy! Hopefully you received my email a couple weeks ago with more detail on Twirl. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Caroline! A sample is on its way to you now in email! Please let us know if you do not receive it. Thanks so much!!

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  • Sounds fun! I would love a sample. Curious if you have any boys in your preschool programs and if so how you handle that with Twirl.

    • Hi Bobbi! Sure thing, we will email you a sample right away! As for boys…Twirl is definitely a girly program, but we do have some boys in our Twirl classes, too. They actually love the books! You can just adapt the activities if you want…when the girls are mermaids, the boys can be a dolphin. When they are fairies…bumble bee or dragon fly, etc.

      If the boys don’t want a ribbon, you could create a bag tag and have it laminated for them. Just find a cute picture or create one on your own with or without the twirl logo and your studio logo.

      You may have some parents who aren’t super excited about it, but most of ours are very open and happy, and the boys all love it!

      I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks!

  • Your program looks very interesting and just what I’m looking for. Could you provide a sample and more information?

  • This looks like so much fun. Could you please send a sample lesson plan.

    • Hi Michelle! I am so sorry for the delay in responding to this! I just emailed you the Arabesque Treasure Chest sample activity. Just in case, check your spam folder in the event your email does not recognize our email address.

      Thanks so much, and please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Thanks for this post! I have a question about how you structure your ages. Since they are grouped 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, do kids ever repeat levels/colors? How do you handle that?

    • Hi Lindsay! Great question, so thank you for asking! No, we do not have our dancers ever repeat a level (and we don’t recommend that you do, especially if you are charging a Twirl fee!). When we say Age 2/3, we mean 2-turning-3, so they may start out the year as a 2.5-year-old and turn 3 during that season. We do have some customers who group their 3-5 year olds all in one class (we don’t do that at our studio). If you do that, we recommend starting with Lilac the first year, then moving the yellow the second year, then going back to lilac the third year. This way, you won’t have anyone repeat a color! Or, you could also keep your 3-5 year old class as is and create a NEW Twirl class for 2/3 year olds, see how it goes and if it is successful, add a 3/4 class next year and so on. There are lots of ways to “dip your toe into the water” without diving into the deep end :)) Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  • I would love a sample! Please e-mail me

    • Hi Melissa! Of course! I just emailed you a sample! Thanks so much and let us know if you have additional questions!

  • Hello! I own Renner Dance Company in Chapel Hill NC. We have about 350 kids at our studio (and a LOT of babies) and I am VERY interested in bringing Twirl to our studio! I would love a sample but please let me know what the next step would be.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Summer! Thanks so much for reaching out! I just sent you an email with the sample and more info! I would also love for us to chat on the phone early next week. Just in case, check your spam/junk folder in case the email went there. Thanks so much, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!! Shelley

  • Hi! I own Renner Dance Company in Chapel Hill NC. We have about 350 kids (and a LOT of babies) and we would love to incorporate Twirl into our baby classes. If you could send me a sample box or let me know what the next steps would be that would be great! Thank you so much!

  • Please email some more info. Price and delivery options to Ñz please:)

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    I would love more information and a sample, my friend Dana told me about your program. Looking forward to hearing back

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    I am interested in a sample of this program! It looks like it would be so much fun!


  • We are interested in Twirl, but wonder what you do when there is a boy in the class?

  • What do we do with the boys in our class?

    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your interest in Twirl! For boys, there are several things you can do. For starters, we’ve found the boys love the books just as much as the girls do, but they are catered more to girls. When you charge your Twirl Fee, you could charge the boys less, especially if they do not want a book. If you are doing Twirl Pink or Twirl Lilac, you can do something different for the boys on the ribbons. I know Party City has inexpensive blue ribbons you could buy for them. Or, you can create some kind of a bag tag for them by laminating a picture. As for the actual activities, the teachers can be creative with boys. If it is Mermaid week, the boys can be a dolphin; princess week – prince, etc. You just have to be creative! You could also create one new separate class that is just for Twirl and keep your existing preschool classes as is with boys and girls in them. That way, the parent can decide if they want their boy in the class or not. I hope this helps, but please email us if you have more questions. Happy to help you brainstorm! Thanks so much!!

  • Could you provide me with a sample?

    • Hi Tara! Of course! I will email you, but you can also click the link in this blog post as well, toward the bottom underneath the image of the cute girl holding the cotton candy props. I’ll send it to your email in just a few minutes as well! Make sure you check spam/junk just in case your email doesn’t recognize ours. Thanks so much, and please let me know if you have any questions about Twirl!

  • Hello I would like a Sample 🙂

  • Hello. I would like a sample. Thanks.

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