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by on Jul 25 '19

As you may already know, we recently completed our second round of podcast series as guest hosts on Clint Salter’s Transform My Dance Studio podcast. We love sharing our insights, ideas and inspiration with fellow dance studio owners! Many of you are getting ready to travel to dance teacher/studio owner conferences, so what better time than a flight or a long drive to pop in your head phones and get some ideas for your upcoming season!?!

This post is all you need to find every single episode, so use it as your guide to find the episodes you most want to hear! Or, make a plan to listen to them all!

Our newest series on Transform My Dance Studio is called Confetti Five to THRIVE, and all 8 of these episodes focus on FIVE things to help or inspire you as a studio owner/dance teacher centered around a studio topic! Here’s a link to all 8 episodes!

  1. The Ultimate Summer Checklist
  2. It’s Showtime!
  3. Photo Shoot Fun
  4. Costume-a-Palooza
  5. Creating an Extraordinary Dance Studio Culture
  6. Themed Fun for the Classroom
  7. Pump Up Fall Enrollment
  8. Top Five Q&A

Our first guest hosting series consisted of 8 episodes with a #makedancefun theme! You can read about each one in this blog post, but here are some quick links as well!

  1. Make Dance Fun 
  2. Bright 
  3. Confetti FUN 19 in 2019 
  4. Fresh – Done, but FUN! 
  5. Party Like a Preschooler
  6. Sunny Summers 
  7. Making Social Media Fun 
  8. The Ultimate Theme – Your Recital 

We hope you find lots of inspiration from each one of these podcasts and that you continue to #makedancefun at your studio!

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