Make Summer Revenue Planning Fun!

by on Dec 1 '17

Ah, Summer planning. Too soon?

We know. While we’re personally enjoying these chilly days of late fall after a longggg hot, humid summer in the South, we know that soon enough, we’ll again be dreaming of a beachy breeze and palm trees! But not before we start planning our studio’s summer calendar and revenue stream. Yep, you know all about that pain joy! Oh. What. Fun.

Actually, it can be fun to think about all the options out there for filling your summer days at the studio and keeping the ship afloat, so to speak! Dance camps, play parties and special events are great things to fill in your days between year-end shows, nationals and next season. And planning ahead gets you in front of all your summer competition…sports camps, sleep away camps, art camps, and so on. We try to release our dates no later than February 1st and our Performing Company Intensive dates have already been released! This helps us get a jump start on planning and summer revenue. You can even offer some discounted rates for signing up early!

We’re curious though…what is everyone doing for summer? When and how do you start planning for those few weeks to keep the cash flowing? What are your summer successes and pain points? We conducted a brief survey last year and the information we got back was very eye-opening. We shared some of the findings with you in a blog post (it was one of our most read posts of the year!), so we thought we would do another survey this year to find out everyone’s pain points and successes are, when your planning begins and more. We’d love for you to take our new survey so we can share with you again this year! Hint: if you join the Confetti Circle, you’ll get even more scoop on the survey findings!

CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE 2018 Summer Revenue Survey!

Before we go, we do have a couple tips to prevent summer planning from giving you the winter blues!

Camp Confetti! If you aren’t already using one or more of our Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPacks, then you don’t even know the fun (and simplicity) you are missing! We launched Camp Confetti last March with eight different themes (5 options for preschool and 3 themes for elementary ages), and they were our best sellers of the year! Our customers have raved about the fun Camp Confetti added to their summer recreational dance programs not to mention the ease of no planning! Our Summer Dance FunPacks do all the work for you, all in a simple download!

Twirl! We have customers who use our exclusive Twirl program as a short session or summer camp. We do not recommend this if your studio uses Twirl throughout the year, but if you want to try it out, one book has 10 lessons/activities in it and would be great for a mini session or weeklong dance camp! Learn more about Twirl here!

So, let us help you make summer revenue planning fun! And, don’t forget to take our survey so we can share the results with you in a future post!

And, Happy December! Look for our last #ConfettiMood post of 2017 coming up next week! Any guesses what our Mood may be? Tis’ the season to be…


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