Merry Moves + Jingle Grooves

by on Dec 7 '16

Are you ready for #iceiceconfetti?! And can you handle more #slaybellsonthedancefloor? If you loved our #halloweekonthedancefloor combo, you will love these two fun holiday combos to teach to your dancers of all ages and skill levels!


First in our cool lineup is #iceiceconfetti – a fun + festive, simple combo that’s super easy to learn, especially for your younger dancers! For music, we used Ice Ice Baby by MattyBRaps featuring Vanilla Ice, an upbeat and age appropriate tune! We plan on teaching #iceiceconfetti to our preschoolers, kindergarteners and even first and second grade dancers.

Our second cool combo is #slaybellsonthedancefloor – a high energy, fun combo for lots of different ages and levels! We taught it to all our Company kids during our Holiday Show rehearsal, and plan to use it in all our elementary and older classes too! As added fun, let your dancers throw some confetti at the end, and they will love every second of it!

We’ve included a link to our Dropbox where you can download the tutorial videos for both combos. For #slaybellsonthedancefloor, you’ll even be able to download our edited version of  the classic holiday song Sleigh Ride mashed up with Dee-Light’s Groove is in the Heart (from the Sing movie holiday teaser). Click here to download it all for FREE!

For Ice Ice Baby by MattyBRaps featuring Vanilla Ice, simply download it from your favorite music service!

We loved seeing your videos from Halloween, so please make sure to video your dancers performing these merry moves, share on social media and tag us with #iceiceconfetti or #slaybellsonthedancefloor! We can’t wait to see them all!

We hope you have a merry time dancing to these jingle grooves with your dancers! Cheers!



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