New Year, FRESH Start: Introducing #ConfettiMOOD

by on Jan 11 '17


noun  |  \’müd\

A conscious state of mind or predominant emotion

We don’t really need our trusty Merriam-Webster dictionary to remind us that our moods OWN our mindspace and carry over into everything we do. We live that all day, every day! As dance teachers, studio owners and creatives, we also set the mood for the people around us. So, in 2017, we want to be intentional and spread GOOD VIBES ONLY!

Here at Confetti on the Dance Floor, we are always in the MOOD for fun! So, we thought it would be fun to start sharing our MOOD on the regular. And by on the regular, we mean just once a month or so to help inspire a FUN MOOD for you, our readers!

So, what’s our current #confettiMOOD for January? It’s FRESH!


A new year is a FRESH start for all of us! If you’re like most dance studios, you just started back your first full week of classes. Now is a great time to wipe the slate clean of whatever you need to wipe away and start anew with a FRESH perspective! We are sharing some FRESH ideas to kick off your new year! As an added bonus, we created a fun Pinterest board of our current #ConfettiMOOD FRESH (hint: look for all the yellow and white!).


FRESH Perspective

What better way to inspire positive vibes than to SHARE HAPPY! We are loving this inspirational book by Compendium filled with positive affirmations in our #confettiMOOD FRESH color scheme (we didn’t even plan this!). Our most favorite thing about this book is how it is designed for sharing. The easy-to-tear pages are poster sized, so you can pull any one page from the book and pass it along to someone who needs or deserves to hear just that message! And, if that person is you, you can simply pin it on your wall or even frame a series of messages in your studio or office!

HyperFocal: 0

FRESH Playlist

Music! We can’t have dance class without it, and, besides, who would even want to?! Sometimes it’s so challenging to find fresh tunes that are appropriate for dance class and not overused. Good news! We did some legwork for you and put together a FRESH Spotify playlist with uplifting and positive messages to help you start off the new year with positive vibes! We included a few songs for each age group so you can keep it FRESH for all ages! Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you will be asked to create one in order to access our list, but it’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec. Do it!


FRESH Sneakers

Who doesn’t want to start out the new year with a brand new, FRESH pair of shoes?! We are loving these new Adidas Tubular Viral kicks. Maybe you should treat yo’self. Need we point out that they are for work? Just sayin’!


FRESH Social Media Posts

It’s the perfect time to up your social media game. Keep things FRESH by launching a new weekly social post series. You could post an inspirational quote once per week (Pinterest is loaded with them!). Or, feature a dancer whose actions, efforts and/or energy inspires you each week. You could even let one of your older dancers take over your social media accounts for a day (with guidelines, of course!). Trust us, your dancers will be so engaged in your feed! Want even more social media ideas? Join our Confetti Circle and you will receive a FREE download to the Ultimate Social Media Guide for your studio, not to mention be the first to hear all the latest and greatest from our blog and other fun announcements!


FRESH Snack Tote

Your healthy-2017-resolution snacks will be much more fun to carry to the studio in this “totes” adorbs, holographic lunch bag from! It’s insulated to keep all your snacks super FRESH, and it’s big enough to hold your water bottle, too!


FRESH Compliments

Being #WowCarded is positively solid gold as far as compliments are concerned. If you haven’t been either the giver or recipient of a WOW Card yet, you are missing out on some serious good-mood vibes! Our WOW cards come in a box of 500, with 20 different designs, including this one fitting to our theme…So FRESH! You can buy them in our shop!



How much more FRESH can you get than a disco ball pineapple?! Well, you can put it on a super fun tee! We are loving the fun Ananas Party Pineapple T-Shirts and SO FRESH Hoodie Pullovers we found from These totes FRESH wearables are bound to keep you in a fun + FRESH mood!



We hope you are catching all our positive vibes with these fun + FRESH ideas for boosting your mood and starting your year off right! But, we know that keeping your #ConfettiMOOD FRESH all day, every day is hard work! Sometimes you are just T.I.R.E.D and not feeling creative. That’s OK, too! And, if you need a little more in the please-help-me department, we have two two extra doses of inspiration for you!

First, did you see our 2017 Not-On-Your-List-Yet Checklist yet? Don’t worry, this isn’t a stress-you-out list! It’s a different kind of to-do list, chock-full of fun + simple planning tips and tools to help you get organized and make a FRESH start! We’d love to hear from you which of these items you’ve already checked off. Or, the ones you are most excited to check off!


Lastly, don’t forget about our fun #IceIceConfetti Combo for your little dancers, complete with tutorial video and music info! It’s JANUARY, so it’s still totally appropriate to teach this combo during these next few cold months!

We hope that all these FRESH ideas give you a little something extra to lean on throughout the month! And, hopefully, your mind and mood will be FRESH and clear in no time, moving you closer to a FRESH start in 2017.





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