Our Fabric Shopping in NYC Confetti Course Download is LIVE!

by on Nov 23 '18

We’re super excited to announce that our very first full-fledged Confetti Course Download is now available to purchase on our website: Fabric Shopping in NYC: A Complete Guide for Designing Custom Costumes!

We put a lot of time and effort into designing costumes for our performing companies, and we are asked so many questions year-after-year about how we do it, where we shop, and what are our secrets. So, this Course is our tell-all of how we navigate the Garment District in NYC and our complete design process for our custom costumes! We include tips on how to find and work with a seamstress, fabric tips, a listing of all our favorite NYC stores, where to stay and eat while in NYC, sample itineraries, downloadable worksheets for planning and designing your costumes, body forms for sketching your designs, and so much more!

And, even if you know you won’t make it to NYC for a full-on fabric buying trip, if you are considering embarking on the challenge of designing your own custom costumes, our Course is still for you! It’s way more than just a shopping guide! We dedicate an entire section to sharing all our secrets of how we create our costumes by walking you step-by-step through our design process. We even showcase a costume we designed in the recent past as a case study example you can follow!

This Course is packed with more than 30-pages of content, advice, resources, expertise and inspiration to help the beginner on their very first custom costume or to provide the more experienced designer with creative tools to elevate your custom costumes to the next level!

We’re so excited to share it with you and to see all the amazing costumes you will create! Grab your Course here today!

And, if you want an additional peak at the kind of content we’ve included, check out this podcast episode we hosted on Clint Salter’s Transform My Dance Studio called Costume-a-Palooza!

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