Positively Fun! Throw Compliments Around Like Confetti

by on Sep 1 '16

We all have such power to make a positive impact on our dancers’ lives–it’s why we do what we do! As we head into a brand new season, now is a great time to take note of the messages we send to our dancers on a daily basis. Here are three fun ideas you can easily implement to promote positivity at your studio!

Make Their Day with a WOW Card!


We designed our WOW cards to be positively fun! Who doesn’t love a compliment?! We use WOW cards in and out of class, and for all ages!

When giving out WOW cards, we choose dancers who truly impress us with their effort, attitude or application of a correction, selecting just a few students each week. This positive reinforcement is also motivation and inspiration for everyone in the class! The cards have especially been a huge hit with our elementary and middle school aged dancers! We also created a fun hashtag – #WOWcarded – for parents and dancers to use when they share their accolade on social media.

In our preschool classes, we use WOW cards in place of stickers on some weeks for all the dancers. We’ve also been known to share a WOW card with awesome parents and shining staff members too! With 20 WOW designs to choose from (and 25 of each design!), there’s plenty of kindness to go around!

Purchase your WOW Cards today by visiting our confetti shop!


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Let Your Walls (and Halls) Talk

Your studio hallways are the ultimate vessel for positive vibes! There are so many cute options for positive quotes. You can purchase them already framed at stores like Hobby Lobby or Target, or you can print and frame your own DIY-style (Helloooo, Pinterest!)!

You can also purchase a series of cute + colorful greeting cards with fun positive messages and post them on a bulletin board or frame them together.

Another idea is to use block letters for short sayings, like “Smile!”, “Be Kind” or “Think Positive!”, and hang them on your wall. You can paint them to match your studio decor and, of course, add some glitter for a little sparkle!

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Be “Socially” Responsible

Your dancers are your biggest fans (hey! That’s one of our WOW cards!), so you can be sure they pay attention to everything you post on social media. Make sure your Instagram and Facebook feeds match the same positivity you promote in your studio. Take advantage of popular hashtags like #motivationmonday, and post a positive quote each week.


SHARE YOUR IDEAS! Let us know how you promote positivity in your studio in the comments below. We’d LOVE to hear from you!  Also, don’t forget to order your WOW cards today by calling Shelley at 770.946.6025!


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