Reindeer Games: Chillin’ with Your Snowmies!

by on Dec 9 '19

Everyone loves a snowman! And, there’s nothing better than Chillin’ with your Snowmies in dance class! For this fourth and final activity in our 2019 Reindeer Games series, you’ll want to have the full winter effect, so email your classes ahead of time and encourage them to wear all white to class and bring their favorite winter scarf and hat! They will be using the scarf for these activities, so you may want to have a few extras on hand just in case someone forgets.

Chilly Challenges with Your Snowmies!
Use winter scarves to format this fun + chilly obstacle course in dance class!

Bittercold Bobsled: Place 2 scarves parallel to each other leaving just a small space (maybe 6 inches) between them. Your dancers will make their way through the frozen path without touching the scarves, like riding a narrow bobsled. They can stand in a tight 5th position on a high relevé and bourrée their way through, holding their arms straight out to the side for balance. Or, they can face sideways in first position and glide through a deep 2nd position plié and slide back into first, repeatedly until they reach the end of the scarves.

Break the Ice: Place one scarf on the floor so they can pick it up after they’ve completed the Blizzard Bobsled activity. They will hold the scarf with both hands and pull it tight as if it’s a large icicle. To continue traveling to the next stop on the challenge, they will alternate lifting their knees high as they contract over and pretend they are breaking the icicle on their knee as it comes up. Do this 8 times or until they reach the next challenge.

Shivery Ski Jumps: Place one scarf in a straight line on the floor. Keeping their feet together and knees bent, they will pretend as if they are skiing and will jump from one side of the scarf to the other. Remind them to push through their feet as they jump, land in a plié with their feet together parallel, and pull their arms back while lifting their elbows behind them. They can even twist a tiny bit to feel like they are really working their way down the slopes!

Slip-n-Slide: Hold the scarf with both hands (near the ends) and rest it on the back of their neck. Working on arabesque, they will slide through first position and lift one leg straight behind them. Do this once on the right and once on the left while the scarf rests on their neck. Next, they will slide through first and make it a big sauté arabesque (right and left) while taking the scarf up over their head with elbows straight up.

Bonus ~ Wintry Waves: Make a giant circle holding all the scarves on each end. So, instead of the dancers holding each others hands, they’ll hold the end of a scarf. Come up with as many different ways to make shapes in the circle and with the scarves. Examples…They can all run to the middle of the circle bringing their hands together and up high over their head, chassé around in the circle, or swing their arms similar to a jump roping action. Do “the wave” starting with one dancer lifting their right arm which will create a chain reaction as the next dancer takes their left arm up, then right arm. Continue all the way around the circle. This is great for working on coordination and teamwork!

Last, but not least, end your class with a Blizzard Boogie Bash! Launch white confetti and watch your dancers have the time of their lives! They can freestyle dance while trying to catch the falling snow. If you can, try to catch some action photos of this as you’ll get the most genuine smiles ever!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this season’s Reindeer Games! Make sure you also check out Frozen Fairies, Flamingle Bells and The Whimsical Wheel of Wonder! And remember, these fun activities are not limited to the holidays, you can use them all winter long!

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