Twirl Graduation Celebration!

by on May 12 '17

It’s graduation season! That time of year where milestones are reached and new adventures await! The same is true for the Twirl dancers at our studio!

We hold a special Twirl Graduation Celebration at the end of each season to mark the growth and achievement these tiny dancers have made throughout the year. If you aren’t familiar with our Twirl Preschool/Kindergarten program, you should check out this post, this post and this link to learn more! 

For this celebration, we invite parents in for the last 15 minutes of class and demonstrate some of the super fun activities they’ve learned through their Twirl activity book and classes! This event can be fun and special without requiring much pre-planning. We keep it very informal, but still do our best to make it a memorable and meaningful event for the dancers and their families.

During class, we reviewed some of their favorite activities and, once their parents came into class, they performed a special combo to the last activity in their Twirl book. Here’s a short little clip of some adorable little Firefly Fairies! So cute!

At the end of class, we present each dancer with their Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate, and this is also when they officially receive their Twirl Activity Book (which we’ve stored at the studio all year for class) to take home for good! And, of course, the class ends with a confetti celebration! The dancers get so excited about the confetti and the parents especially love the great photo op!

Check out all the Moms’ with their phones during our Confetti moment! So fun!

The greatest part is that our younger dancers now get to move up to the next level of Twirl, so they end their dance season with a memorable celebration and excitement looking forward to next year! We also set up a banner in the lobby for the parents to get a photo with their certificate! This generated some great social media posts from our customers – an adorable pic with a shout out to our studio about the great year of TWIRL they had! If you want some fun branding materials for your studio, including a cute banner with your logo, check out our Confetti Branding FunPacks!

For those of you who are currently Twirl studios, what are you doing in your Twirl Graduation Celebration? We’d love for you to share your photos and tag #confettionthedancefloor!

And for those who aren’t yet Twirl studios, you can still host a fun end-of-the year celebration for your preschool/kindergarten classes. You know how much parents love to watch class, so making time in the last class of the year for a special mini-performance for them will go a long way! And, dancers and parents alike will love the confetti moment!

But, if you aren’t a Twirl studio yet, what are you waiting for?! This fun supplement adds so much fun + fancy to your existing curriculum! Add it to your fall schedule today! We can help you make it profitable for your studio and share other ideas with you. You can find lots of details in the Twirl post we published a couple months ago.






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