What’s Your Confetti Fortune?!

by on Jul 15 '19


We’re polishing off our crystal (disco!) ball and doling out your Confetti Fortune to help kick off your upcoming season with a little magical inspiration! Don’t worry, we aren’t casting any spells here. These fun (and free) Confetti Fortunes are predictions for your success this season and designed to give you an extra boost of confidence!

Why Confetti Fortunes? Everybody needs to dream a little! Whether you’re aiming for the stars or just trying to cross the nearest hurdle, it’s always good to have inspiration to help you along your path! And our goal is to always inspire fun + delight into your studio!

As studio owners and dance teachers, we’re all lucky to have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves with each new season. And, as you prepare for a new year, why not dream a little (or a lot) and have fun while doing it?! Armed with your Confetti Fortune, you’ll find out ways you can empower yourself to make this upcoming season your best year yet! We hope you will find just the inspiration you need from your Confetti Fortune to achieve your big goals this year!

We can’t wait for you to learn your Confetti Fortune and find out if your season will be Radiant, Prosperous, Mysterious, Magical, Lucky, Inspirational, Colorful or Ambitious!

So, how do you find out your Confetti Fortune? Keep reading!

Those of you attending DanceLife Teacher Conference in Atlantic City will be the very first to receive your Confetti Fortunes! Make sure you check your goody bag for your Confetti Fortune Cookie, then stop by our booth to receive your Confetti Fortune Card and snap a pic to mark the start of a great year! If you don’t have your Confetti Fortune Cookie, no problem! We have Confetti Fortune Cards at our booth for you to draw from!

Our super fun booth!

You can also discover your “destiny” by visiting our booth at Dance Teacher Summit in NYC and Energize in Chicago! Not attending one of these shows? Don’t revert to your tea leaves just yet! We’ll make Confetti Fortunes available to everyone through our Instagram account in mid-August!

Keep your eye on our blog and social media as we reveal more about Confetti Fortunes! Until then, we wish you dancing fun and good fortune!

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