What’s Your #ConfettiFUN19in2019?

by on Dec 31 '18

Happy New Year! We’re ringing in 2019 with FUN on our mind! Sure, everyone knows that a new year is all about setting out to achieve big, new, shiny goals, and those are super important, too…because as a Dance Studio Owner, we KNOW you are a SERIOUS BUSINESS WOMAN!

So serious! 

And, that is AWESOME…and we hope you are setting some serious #girlboss goals.

But, as you know, here at Confetti on the Dance Floor, we are all about FUN! So, we really want to know what your plans are to #makedancefun in 2019!? The FUN stuff is just as important as the serious stuff!

Did someone say FUN?? I mean, how fun is this pic. I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN!!!

I mean…cuteness overload!

To help you out, we’ve created and shared our very own #ConfettiFUN19in2019 list, which is a list of 19 FUN things we’re challenging you (and ourselves) to check off throughout 2019. We tell you all about our fun list in our latest podcast we’re guest hosting for Clint Salter: Transform My Dance Studio, so check out a more detailed explanation there (and check out all our episodes there–we’re guest hosting for a total of 8 weeks!)! But you can also download our #confettiFUN19in2019 below. And, we’ll be sharing on our social feeds anytime we check one off, and we hope you will, too! 

Check out the sample here, but download the actual list at the bottom of our post so you can print it out in high quality! 

Don’t worry about the sequence of completing the list … the point here is to have fun, and there is no required order to this list! Just go with the flow and follow your fun vibes to choose which one you want to focus on at any given time!

A few of our favorites that we can’t wait to check off the list at our studio are:

#10 – Think outside the box and use props you’ve never used before in preschool classes

#16 – Send your dance studio BFFs a pizza or some cupcakes

And, of course, #19 – Launch confetti during class or during a performance…this is a no brainer for us! 

As you can see, these are simple but super fun things to focus on throughout the year. We all have enough of the hard stuff already, right!? 

To encourage you to accomplish some of these fun (and simple!) things throughout 2019, we’ll be watching the #ConfettiFUN19in2019 hashtag on Instagram and, each month, we’ll select one studio from everyone who has shared an item they’ve completed to win a fun prize! At the end of the year, all studios who’ve checked off all 19 and shared them using the hashtag will receive a FAB Confetti prize!! 

Another great reason to implement these fun challenges: you’ll have at least 19 fun social media posts to use throughout the year! And these will be quality content posts that are sure to generate lots of engagement from your followers, too!

You’re not just limited to our list of 19 fun things…feel free to create your very own or do a mix of our list and some of your own! To help you with that, we’ve also created a blank template for you to write out your own list. If you do create your own, take a picture and share that with us so we can see your fun ideas, too! You can still be included in the prizes even if you create your own! The point is to HAVE FUN! Just make sure you use the  hashtag so we can find your fun posts! 

We also challenge you to reach out to a studio owner you have a great relationship with and help each other be accountable to this fun list! Maybe you already help each other out by sharing best practices and business tips, venting sessions and more. This is something that keep things fun and positive but also helps you share fun ideas with each other and further build your rapport! 

Happy 2019! Let’s #makedancefun! 

Click here to download the complete #ConfettiFUN19in2019 list and the blank template, as well! And don’t forget to listen to our podcast, too! We go over the list in detail and it is a great way to get you motivated to have a FUN 2019 at your dance studio! We can’t wait to see how you #makedancefun with your #ConfettiFUN19in2019! Cheers to a NEW YEAR!


  • Dear Confetti team,
    thank you so much for your inspirational podcasts and shared ideas! With all the business part of the job it’s so easy to forget why we started our journey of inspiring kids to dance.

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