Why Don’t You…Make Dance Fun?!

by on Apr 12 '17

It’s Spring, it’s SUNNY…and we’re on the home stretch to Summer! With all the details we, as studio owners and dance teachers, are currently juggling to just survive these last few months, we want to make a conscious extra effort to continue to MAKE DANCE FUN! We thought it would be fun to present this fun “Why Don’t You…?” challenge and also see what other ideas you have. It’s the LITTLE things that add up to the big things, so we thought of a few fun activities you can do without much planning or cost. So…

Why Don’t You…

Throw a disco party the last 10 minutes of class! Bring out the disco ball, strobe light, finger lights or any fun lighted items you have (neon bracelets and necklaces would be fun too!). Turn down the lights, put on some fun disco tunes and let your dancers have a little party! If you have some confetti they could throw, you will surely seal the deal on making dance class fun! You can even dangle the disco party as a reward for good behavior in class!

Why Don’t You…

Declare it WOW Card week! You can call it anything you want…dancer appreciation week, WOW Card Week or any other fun name you create! Every dancer will earn a WOW Card, and you can choose which one they receive so it feels special to each dancer! If you haven’t checked out our WOW Cards yet, you should (you can read this blog post and also check them out in our Confetti Shop)! We have 20 different designs and each box comes with 25 of each design, so you have 500 cards with each order. That’s 500 super happy dancers who will be honored to see which compliment you pick out for them! Make sure you take lots of pictures and use the hashtag #WOWCarded so dancers can show off their accolades!

Why Don’t You…

Sip on some sunny beverages with your staff! OK, not those kind of sunny beverages…the kind that are safe to have at the studio! Stock your faculty fridge with fun, brightly colored lemonade drinks. The kind that just by seeing the fun packaging makes you smile! We’re partial to these (even though, admittedly, we haven’t tasted them yet, but look how cute and fun and SUNNY they are)! You could always add in some cute, colorful straws, napkins, a fun ice bucket and let them serve themselves. It doesn’t even have to be a party, just an e-mail or text to let them know you’ve left some refreshing treats for them in the fridge, and to help themselves.

We hope these ideas inspire you to add a little something extra to your dance classes this month and continue to make dance fun! We’d also love to hear any other ideas you have, so comment below or send us an e-mail, why don’t you!?



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