Wrapping Up the FUN of 2018!

by on Dec 28 '18

Make Dance Fun!

2018 has been such a FUN year! Just like every year, it’s been a C-R-A-Z-Y one, but we wouldn’t be dance teachers or studio owners if that wasn’t the case, right!? Still, we couldn’t be happier with the fun people we’ve met, customers we’ve worked with, dancers we’ve danced with, studios we’ve engaged with on social media and all the fun things we’ve experienced together this year! 

We’re all about making dance fun at Confetti on the Dance Floor, and we hope that through our blog, our fun products, our face-to-face events, our guest podcasts and every other experience we’ve shared, we’ve helped you make dance more fun at your studio, too! 

As we wrap up 2018, we wanted to recap some of our top blog posts from the year, especially since we have so many new followers who may not have had a chance yet to peruse our vast archives of fun blog posts full of dance class activities, studio engagement tips, faculty fun and so much more! We hope that one or more of our posts this year has inspired you to #makedancefun! Check out some of our top posts of the year…

Top 3 Posts to Make Dance Fun 

Lemonade Escapade

It’s An Underwater Disco-Quarium Dance Party

Space Capades Across the Stage

Twirl to Go: Lemonade Escapade

Top 3 Posts to Make Your Studio Stand Out

Current Confetti MOOD: Kindness

Let’s Twirl: A Guide to Our Fun + Fancy Preschool Program

Our Top 3 Fabric & Trim Stores in NYC’s Garment District

And, our most viewed post of 2019 is…

Fun Tips for Back to Dance Week at Your Studio

Thanks again for helping make 2018 such a great year! We look forward to a super FUN 2019 and sharing it with you! Cheers to another a great year ahead!

Cheers to 2019! 

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