Halloweek on the Dance Floor: We’re Putting a Spell on You!

by on Oct 20 '22

It’s the most SPOOKTACULAR time of the year: Halloweek on the Dance Floor 7.0 is here! And, this year, we are changing it up and sharing Instagram Reels for you to learn instead of traditional videos!

What is Halloweek on the Dance Floor?

If you are new here, every October we release a fun, FREE Hip Hip combo complete with a tutorial for all our Confetti friends to teach in their dance classes during Halloweek. This year, they are in the form of Instagram Reels!

We created TWO BOOriffic combos: one for your tiny goblins and another for the the older ghouls and boos! Simply watch and learn these combos, teach them to your classes, film the Reels, post them on your Instagram, tag @confettionthedancefloor and use #halloweekonthedancefloor!

Preschool Reel: Halloween Song from Gracie’s Corner

The combo and tutorial are posted on our Instagram page! Click here for access to the Combo and the Tutorial, or simply scan the QR Codes below! You can find the music on Spotify, but if you follow our instructions below, you will be able to save the audio directly from our Reel!

Elementary/Teen Reel: Hocus Pocus Trap Mix – I Put a Spell on You!

This Reel is for your older dancers. We used the audio from this YouTube video and started it around the :30 mark. But remember, you can save the audio directly from our Reel to make your life easier! Click here for access to the Combo and the Tutorial, or simply scan the QR Codes below! Remember, most of your kids are very accustomed to learning dances on Reels without any tutorial, so they and you can do this!

Don’t be REEL Scared!

If creating a Reel spooks you, you’ve never recorded a Reel before and/or this feels intimidating to you, we are putting a Confetti spell on you and telling you that you CAN do this! Here are a few tips and instructions, and TRUST US! Your KIDS know how to do this. Any one of them can help you, probably even the 5 year olds, haha!

Note: Our instructions are for Instagram Reels but you can also post your videos on TikTok or any other social app of your choosing!

In order to create your Reel, you will need to save our audio clip!! You will see the audio name at the bottom of our original video next to the 🎵 icon. Click on the original audio clip and you will be prompted to “Save Audio”. Once you save the audio, you will find it under your “Saved” tab in your profile. When you create your reel, you will be able to find this saved audio clip in the music tab!! 

  1. Record your Reel vertically on the camera app. 
  2. Open the Instagram app and click the Reel icon shown to the right
  3. Once you click the icon, your Reels Homepage should populate. There will be a camera icon in the top right corner that you must click to start your own Reel!
  4. When you open up the camera, you should have access to your camera roll on the bottom left corner next to a small blue plus sign. Click into your camera roll. 
  5. Choose the video(s) you took of your dancers. Your video will pop up and you must click “Add” in the top right corner. If you choose to do multiple videos, you must add them one at a time. Once you have added all your videos, click the arrow in the bottom right corner (it may say “Preview”).
  6. Now it’s time to add our original saved audio! There will be a music icon on the top of the page. Click it and search the song under saved audio. You will then need to make sure the Camera audio is all the way to 0 so you don’t hear any background noise from the video you took. Once completed, press Done
  7. If you need to cut and edit your videos to fit the music and transitions, click Edit Clips in the bottom left corner. From there, your clips will show up at the bottom of the page. Click into each individual video, and you will be allowed to drag the video to make it shorter. You will need to align the dance to match the audio. Once completed, press Done.
  8. Now click the Next icon and you will be ready to post your Reel! Make sure the Also Share to Feed Option is turned on so the Reel will be posted to your regular feed. Add a fun caption with #halloweekonthedancefloor and make sure to tag us @confettionthedancefloor so we can see your spooky moves & grooves! 

More Halloweek on the Dance Floor Fun!

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Happy Halloween!

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