NEW Twirl to Go Dance Activity: Paint the Town with Confetti

by on May 3 '22

Everyone loves a fun night on the town, especially when it involves a little sparkle. And, it’s always a great idea to add a little sparkle into dance class! That’s why we’re super excited to announce the sixth download in our fun Twirl to Go series: Paint the Town with Confetti! This download is the perfect, colorful preschool dance activity with just the right balance of fun + fancy!

What is Twirl to Go? Each Twirl to Go is a download that includes 5 detailed dance activities centered around a fun theme! This dance-focused activity has all the fun + fancy you’ve come to expect from both Twirl + Camp Confetti, in a more simplified version (If you’re new to Confetti on the Dance Floor, see the very bottom of this post for detailed descriptions of both Twirl and Camp Confetti!)! You definitely want to read about our other five super fun Twirl to Go downloads: Lemonade EscapadeCarnivalPalooza FunFairTwirl-to-a-Tea PartyConfetti Cake Remix and The Safari Celebration! But first, read on to learn more about our NEWEST download: Paint the Town with Confetti!

**And, as a bonus for our readers, we are including one of the five fun activities in this new download for FREE! Keep reading, and you’ll find that complete FREE activity in this blog post!**

Paint the Town with Confetti is an affordable download that includes FIVE fun + exciting activities for dance class that you can use during your regular dance season or as a special dance party/day camp session on a weekend, during a break or over the summer! The fun and festiveness of Paint the Town with Confetti includes activities involving tap and creative movement. Your download also includes fun ideas for suggested decor and props, but mostly focuses on DANCE! Your dancers will love painting the town with all the confetti fanciness!

And, for a limited time only, you can purchase this download at our introductory price of only $45! 

To get started, we’ll provide you with suggestions of how you can transform your dance room into a fancy + colorful town! We’ll also provide a few fun ideas for props to include in some of the activities provided in the download. Even though the suggested props are not costly to create, they are always optional. You can also conduct the activities with items you already have in your studio if budget is a concern (or have the dancers use their imaginations, which is always fun, too)!

This fun theme is most appropriate for your preschool through early elementary age classes. You can certainly adapt the activities for other ages, but it’s especially fun for 3-7 year olds! Paint the Town With Confetti includes 5 detailed dance activities in keeping with the fun + high-energy theme:

  1. Paint the Town With Confetti (Bonus: This activity is included in this blog post for free!!)
  2. Imagination Painting Station
  3. Parachute Painting Party
  4. Paint Brush Bash
  5. Paint the Town Rainbow

We do all the activity planning for you, you just have to execute them! We know that you and your dancers will enjoy these super fun + fancy activities in your dance class!

Now, are you ready to paint the town with confetti?! Let’s go!

FREE Preschool Dance Activity: Paint the Town With Confetti

Don’t worry, there are no messes here! Dancers are only pretend painting, and the confetti is actually just shapes cut from glitter foam sticker paper. There is no crafting for the kids, just a few simple things for you to set the sparkly scene for this fun activity! 

Before class, you will need to do a little bit of prep work. There are ways to do this activity in a more simple fashion, or you can go full out! You can guess which direction our Most Extra selves went, and that is the detail we are sharing! But, we also give you hints and shortcuts on how you can simplify if you want to! 

Supply List

  • 2-3 foam core boards
  • Colorful paints
  • Paint brushes for painting
  • Paint brushes for props
  • 3 Silver cans that look like paint cans
  • Glitter foam sheets in multiple colors (even better if you can find the ones with a sticky backing, but not required)
  • Double-sided tape (if your glitter foam sheets are not sticky)
  • Sticker letters
  • Pom pom balls, sequins and rhinestones
  • Hot glue gun

Setting the Scene

Cityscape: First, we crafted a cityscape from colored foam core. We set them up against photo backdrop paper, but you can use a blanket, tumbling mats, your mirror, or even just the wall! You can also just draw city shapes on your mirror with erasable markers if you want to keep it simple. 

Paint Cans: We crafted a paint can for each color we used in our cityscape, making it very obvious which color is which. On a label on the outside of a can, we wrote out a specific dance step in sticker letters. We chose tap for our activity, but you can easily change the steps to ballet or creative movement! Anything goes!

Sparkly “Confetti”: Cut the glitter foam sheets into various abstract shapes – the more random, the better. Don’t cut them too small or it will require a lot more effort. We recommend that you go ahead and start some of the buildings so the kids will know what to do when it is their turn to stick the confetti on the building. You can have strips of double-sided tape already torn to hand out to each dancer or even already placed on the backs of the confetti pieces for easy sticking! 

Paint Brush Props: Take a regular paint brush and add some sparkle to it with pom pom balls, rhinestones, and any other fun + crafty decor you have on hand. Dancers will simply use these as props during the activity (the same way they would use a wand), so they will not actually be using them for paint.  Check out our crafty Reel for some colorful inspo!

Extra Fun: If you have disco balls to add to the fun or, even better, a disco strobe light, your dancers will really feel like they are out for a fun night on the town!

Paint the Town with Confetti!

With your city scene set and your paint buckets ready, it’s time to dance and paint the town with confetti! Start with the first paint bucket color and demonstrate the step. Once the entire class completes it correctly, everyone can take a piece of confetti from the paint can and place it on the correct building anywhere they would like! Repeat until all steps have been successfully completed and your cityscape will become a confetti-tastic masterpiece! You can then have each dancer choose their favorite step and add another piece to the cityscape

After they have painted the town with confetti, pass out their fancy paint brush props. Teach them a couple 8 counts of choreography incorporating the steps from the paint cans as additional reinforcement. Make sure to add in lots of swaying arms for “painting” the town.

Music Suggestions: 

  • Paint the Town Rainbow
  • Get Your Sparkle On
  • Downtown

We know your dancers will love this fun + sparkly dance activity and enjoy their extra special class painting the town with confetti! Don’t forget to purchase the FULL download with four more activities (a total of FIVE including this one) to really add to the confetti fun!

Are you new to Confetti on the Dance Floor? If so, let us introduce you to Twirl and Camp Confetti!

We like to equate Twirl to throwing a dance party in your preschool/kindergarten classes once per month! We offer three different color levels based on ages: Twirl Pink (ages 2/3), Twirl Lilac (ages 3/4) and Twirl Yellow (ages 4/5). Each Twirl Pack includes a colorful Twirl activity book for each dancer with 10 fun dance activities (ballet, tap and creative movement), coordinating stickers, a matching Twirl ribbon for their dance bags and a Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate. You also receive a super detailed Teacher Guide that provides pre-planned dance activities centered around a theme and a dance focus, including music and prop suggestions. You can read more about our Twirl program here on our website!

Camp Confetti is your everything summer dance camp in a box! Your inbox, that is! We offer 30 different Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPacks (16 preschool/kindergarten and 14 elementary), each sold separately and each in a super fun theme! We do ALL the work for you, including planning the theme, providing an engaging storyline, detailed crafts complete with supply lists and before & after pics, choreography videos, dance activities, dance games, studio decor suggestions, social media image and marketing language, music suggestions and more! And, it’s all delivered straight to your inbox! You can read more about it here!

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