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by on Aug 28 '17

August…one might say we may have been a little too ambitious, but we say more is more and beg to disagree! Channeling “I Hope I Get It…” from A Chorus Line, we are heading into the year with confidence and style and really hoping that “we get it!”

The month may be almost over, but that’s not signaling any kind of ending for all we’ve planned to accomplish this fall…we’re just getting started! And, we’re still feeling super ambitious!

You’ve probably been super ambitious yourself this month getting ready for a fresh new season. We hope to inspire you by sharing some #ConfettiMOOD Ambitious ideas that you can implement now OR later, depending on how ambitious YOU are feeling!

Ambitious Personal and Professional Growth

There’s nothing more comforting, validating, invigorating and motivating than to spend a few days networking with some of the industry’s most amazing dance studio owners and dance teachers from all over the country! If you aren’t attending a dance-related conference with other dance teachers/studio owners at least one time throughout the year, we highly recommend you find a way to add it to your calendar (Dance Teacher Summit just announced their 2018 dates in both NYC and San Diego!)! There are plenty of great choices in every region, and even a few resources online if you can’t find a way to get anywhere in person.

We kicked off our month attending Dance Teacher Summit. In keeping with our #ConfettiMOOD Ambitious, we were there in multiple capacities:.

  • Ambassadors: alongside an amazing group of super smart ladies (and gent!),  we taught two classes, hosted an ambassador chat and led roundtable discussions.
  • Studio Owners: We brought many of our staff with us to attend, learn and grow as dance teachers themselves! This also allows us to have someone in all the classes we want to attend but can’t make it, and then share what we’ve learned with each other so we all benefit!
  • Attendees: There’s no way we would miss out on the many amazingly motivating and educational classes offered at the Summit! We love learning from some of the industry’s best leaders and motivators!
  • Exhibitors: We launched seven new products to go along with our other fun products in our fun Confetti booth!

Sounds exhausting, and we won’t lie that it took a lot of prep work getting there, but it was well worth it, and we are glad our #ConfettiMOOD Ambitious pushed us through this incredible experience!

Ambitious Planning for the New Dance Season

The start of a new dance season is always a time that requires not just ambition and drive, but also stamina! We admit it can be overwhelming, but we have some tips of how you can ease the burden by utilizing those great minds of the staff surrounding you!

For starters, we always hold one-on-one meetings with each of our staff members to cover expectations, individual goals, and other details for the year. In addition, we also host a big collective staff meeting to bring everyone together to discuss the upcoming year, review policies and have fun! This year, to launch our 25th season, we took it to another level and hosted a full-on teacher retreat… a fun + special 2-day retreat in the mountains! We are so amazed, proud and honestly a little scared of all the productivity that came out of these two days! We used the time to reinforce our studio values, discuss curriculum, brainstorm, set goals, and of course to bond with each other and have some fun! Look for a recap blog post soon to see how we structured our jam-packed Rhythm Teacher Summit, the goals we accomplished and more!

There are so many ways to host an event like this on any budget (both financial and time budgets). The end result is sure to lead to a more organized year and a more cohesive, focused and motivated team…you included!

Ambitious Goal-Setting

Goals, goals, goals…There are so many goals to think about and set for the new season. Whether it’s personal goals, studio goals, class goals and or any other kind of goal you can think of, it helps to have a starting point to set your brain on the course of deciding exactly what you want and need to achieve!

We are so excited about one of our newest (and most popular) products this year that does just that – spark*source! This creative planner for fun dance teachers is so much more than an agenda! We include lots of thought-provoking prompts to help you discover where your strengths lie and identify opportunities for improvement…with lots of fun included too! You can read more about it in our recent blog post, and also check out #confettisparksource on Instagram to see more fun ideas of how you can combine your ambition with your spark*source planner to achieve big things this year! Don’t have yours yet?! Head over to our Confetti Shop to buy yours today!

Ambitious Podcasts

If you aren’t already listening to podcasts, there is a whole, amazing, ambitious world out there just waiting to grace your ears! Three of our general faves are: Girlboss Radio, DAIS and Gary Vaynerchuk (<– note: language warning!!). We also love Clint Salter’s Transform My Dance Studio podcast because it is specific to dance studio life and so relatable! Definitely check these out, but also do your own searches and see what else is out there that will interest and motivate you! They are super easy (and free!) to download and play on your phone through your favorite podcast listening app (iPhones come with the Podcasts app already loaded…start there!), and great for finding motivation and staying ambitious during your commute to and from work each day!

Ambitious Playlist

It wouldn’t be a #ConfettiMOOD post without our always-anticipated, fun Spotify Playlist! We put together a fun list of music that we hope will inspire, motivate and ignite your ambition!

Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you will be asked to create one in order to access our list, but it’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec. Do it! While you are there, you can check out the playlists from all our previous ConfettiMOOD posts, too!

We hope you are also feeling ambitious this month, and can use your ambition and maybe a few of these ideas to keep it going throughout the new season! And, we sincerely hope you GET IT!

For more ambitious-inspired fun, check out our #ConfettiMOOD Ambitious Pinterest Board! While you are there, you can also check out all our previous #ConfettiMOOD posts from 2017!










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