December Fun Confetti Mood: Wondrous & Whimsical!

by on Dec 2 '20

It’s that Wondrous time of year where the world turns Whimsical! And this year especially, we can all use some wondrous whimsy – whether it’s in our dance classes or life in general! That’s why our December #funconfettimood is Wondrous & Whimsical! We have a super fun + new dance activity to share and also some greatest hits from last year’s activities. With all this festive fun, you are sure to have a Wondrous & Whimsical winter in dance class!

Wondrous & Whimsical Playlist

To help you get into our Wondrous & Whimsical Fun Confetti Mood, we’ve curated a Spotify playlist mixed with magical listens, tunes that sparkle and everything in between! Play them in your dance classes or just listen when you want to feel extra festive! Check out out Wondrous & Whimsical Spotify Playlist here!

Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you need to create one in order to access our list. It’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec! While you are there, check out the playlists from all our previous Fun Confetti MOOD posts, too!

Wondrous & Whimsical Inspiration

We love some whimsical wintry inspiration, so we created this Pinterest Board to help you find some of your own! You’ll find everything from gift ideas for dance teachers and friends, dance room decor, sparkly just-about-anything, wondrous winter cocktails/mocktails, and more! Check out our Wondrous & Whimsical Pinterest Board to keep all the festive feelings flowing!

Whimsical Wintry Walk: A Dance Activity for Preschool Dance Class!

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Brrrr…this Whimsical Wintry Walk is super cold, slippery and ice-bumpy, so they will need to warm up and build their strength for this tricky task! For this activity, you’ll need a set of yoga blocks…aka giant ice cubes. If they happen to be blue…even better! We suggest a minimum of 8 blocks, but you can modify with as many as you have available. Below are several different ways to use your yoga blocks, along with fun, descriptive names to help explain the activity to your dancers. It’s important they understand that they will use their strength, agility and balance in many different ways along this Whimsical Wintry Walk! You can add your own to this list to make it even more wondrous!

Polar Bear Crawl: Line the blocks up, end to end, in a long straight line across the floor. One at a time, your dancers will make their way across the blocks doing a bear crawl/walk. Hands and feet on the blocks taking tiny steps using feet and arms to make their way down the row. This exercise can go forward and backwards. 

Slick Ski Jumps: While keeping the blocks lined up end to end, dancers will jump on and off the blocks, alternating sides keeping feet together. Start at one end, on one side of the blocks and jump onto the blocks, then off on the other side, back on and then off the opposite side. This will continue all the way down. They can pretend they are skiing with their arm motions while bending their knees and pulling their elbows back before each jump. 

Fast Frozen Footwork: Keeping the blocks lined up end to end, dancers will move as quickly as they can stepping up and down – right foot up, left foot up, right foot down, left foot down, moving all the way down the row of blocks. Think fast stepping bootcamp drills. 

Snowcap Circle: Place the blocks in the shape of a circle with a small space between them and have the dancers walk from one to the other without falling between them. After they complete one round, move them further apart and try again. Continue spreading the blocks apart as long as they can make it across each one without falling. The further apart the blocks get, walking should become more of a jump or leap from one foot to the other versus walking. 

Slippery Zig Zag Slope: Keeping the blocks in a circle or placing them in a straight line with space between them, your dancers will zig zag in and out of each one. This can be done with their feet together with tiny scoots like they are ice-skating, or hopping with their feet together. After successfully making it through moving forward, they can also go backwards through the blocks. 

Wintry Wiggle: Place one block on the floor. Have the dancer lean down sideways and place one hand on the block, stretching the other arm up in the air. With both feet out to the side, start walking feet around the block in a circle. Their body should be almost parallel to the floor and they are pivoting all the way around the block back to where they started. If you have multiple blocks, spread them around the room so multiple kids can do it at once. 

NOTE: If any of your little dancers want or need assistance, you can hold their hands for security. You never want them doing something on their own if they have a fear of falling. 

Reindeer Games: Festive Fun Activities for Dance Class!

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Last year, we created a series of FOUR super fun and detailed activities you can use in your dance classes all winter long: Reindeer Games! Your dancers will be feeling Wondrous & Whimsical with all the fun they will have with Frozen Fairies, Flamingle Bells, Whimsical Wheel of Wonder and Chillin’ With Your Snowmies! You can link to all four fun activities here!

We hope you have a magical winter filled with wonder and whimsy!

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