November Mood: Cozy & Creative

by on Oct 29 '20

Raise your hand if you’re ready to cozy up with a good book, snuggled under a soft blanket, nestled into a cute pink A-frame cabin somewhere in the blissful woods for dayyyysss! Yep, us too…Hence our November #funconfettimood: Cozy & Creative!

We find that we feel most creative during our down time. It’s when we can really take in the inspo of everything around us. November is great month for us to do this, especially with the weeklong Thanksgiving holiday break we give ourselves. It’s one of the precious few weeks we take off during the year! We hope our Cozy & Creative Fun Confetti Mood inspires you to slow down and sparks some creativity along the way!

Cozy & Creative Inspiration

One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and performances. We wake up just as it’s beginning, grab a blanket, and throw on our fuzzy slippers, Then we mix up a sparkling breakfast cocktail and watch it from start to finish. We’re so relieved that Covid will not steal this event away from us (even though it will look a little different)! Check out our Cozy & Creative Pinterest Board for some festive fall morning drinks and lots of other warm-your-heart-and-soul inspiration!

Free Download: Creativity Challenge

We have a fun + free creativity challenge for you to do this month! This fun, low-key activity will help you hone in on the things that are most inspiring you right now. And, it can even help you kick off your next creative endeavor, whether that’s choreography, planning your year-end show, decorating for an event or any other challenge ahead of you…personally or professionally. Click here to get started on this fun and simple creativity excursion!

Our November #funconfettimood Playlist

To help you get into our Cozy & Creative Fun Confetti Mood, we’ve curated a Spotify playlist mixed with easy breezy listens, tunes that spark creativity and everything in between! Play them in your dance classes and/or listen when you are just relaxing and flipping through your favorite inspirational books! Check out our Cozy & Creative Playlist here!

Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you need to create one in order to access our list, but it’s FREE and EASY, and only takes a quick sec. While you are there, check out the playlists from all our previous Fun Confetti MOOD posts, too!

Speaking of Books…Get Cozy & Creative with These Titles!

We’re sharing 8 books we love – in no particular order – for creating a Cozy vibe and/or for helping us feel Creative! Hopefully you’ll find one that inspires you, too. Head over to our Cozy & Creative Pinterest Board for links to each one!

Things Are What You Make of Them by Adam J Kurtz
We love all of his books, and this one is no different. It’s full of wisdom and pick-me-ups for creatives, and it even includes tear-and-share pages if you want to pass anything along!

The Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson
You do not need to be a cook for this book to inspire you! We love even just perusing all the photos. But, we have also prepared a few of the recipes and can vouch for those as well! There are no doubt some great comfort food dishes you can cozy up to!

Creative Block by Danielle Krysa
We all become stuck sometimes! This book is great to flip through when the ideas just aren’t coming. For starters, it will help you see that you aren’t alone in those moments. But, it will also help you take small steps toward your next creative breakthrough!

Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy by Robie Rogge & Dian G Smith
This compilation of quotes, prompts and exercises can help you find happiness in just about anything. And right now, we can all use a little more happiness in our daily lives!

Pastel Moods by Maria Vasquez
This book is arranged by color and includes inspiring and beautiful pastel images throughout. In addition, the color palette throughout is very calming and serene, which makes it the perfect book to flip through for creative inspiration!

Creative Pep Talk: Inspiration from 50 Artists by Andy J. Miller (aka Andy J. Pizza!)
We love his podcast under the same name, so we knew this book would be equally inspiring. His vibrant graphics and illustrations make reading it even more fun!

Pizzazzerie: Entertain in Style by Courtney Whitmore
This book is filled with creative fun – from recipes and party decor to tablescapes and ideas for every season. You’ll find plenty of inspiration you can apply to just about any theme or event you’re planning for!

Find Your Artistic Voice by Lisa Congdon
Another amazing book of wisdom from successful creatives, this book will help you find your own visual identity. In addition, it will help you figure out how to be inspired by artists you admire without stealing and enjoy the artistic journey along the way.

We hope you take some time this month to slow down, cozy up and find some creative inspiration to fuel you through the coming months!

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