Our Confetti Five to Thrive Podcast Series!

by on Jun 20 '19

Happy Summer! (And if you’re still in the midst of closing out your season, Happy almost Summer!)

To kick off our summer, we’re excited to announce that we are officially BACK on Clint Salter’s Transform My Dance Studio Podcast for 8 more brand new episodes! If you haven’t yet listened to our first 8 episodes from earlier this year, you can check them all out here!

Our new series is called Confetti Five to THRIVE and, over 8 weeks, each episode will focus on five things to help or inspire you as a studio owner/dance teacher on a few different dance studio related topics!

You can check out our first three episodes NOW! Read on to learn more about each episode and for a link to listen! And, stay tuned for the other five episodes of this series coming soon – a new episode will drop every Monday morning!

Ultimate Summer Checklist

As much as summertime loudly screams “vacay!” (as it should!), it’s also a great time to evaluate the season you just completed and identify opportunities for improvement for next season! From freshening up your studio and your curriculum to staff kick-off sessions and more, in this episode, we’re sharing 5 things we are doing this summer at our studio, Rhythm Dance Center, to make us and our studio better for next season! And there’s still plenty of time for you to add these items to your checklist this summer too! Hint: one of our tips does include taking a vacay!

Listen to The Ultimate Summer Checklist Episode Here!

It’s Showtime!

One of the most frequently asked questions / most requested topic from our followers is related to our year-end show and how we structure it. So, in this episode, we are going to cover just that! We’re sharing 5 key areas of focus for formatting our shows each year! From how we use our theme to drive everything about our show to the strategies and formulas we use for organizing multiple shows, we’re giving away all our tips and secrets! This episode is filled with lots of actionable items you can implement (in your own way) at your studio for next season!

Listen to the It’s Showtime! Episode Here!

Photo Shoot Fun

In this episode, we’ll share 5 tips on setting up and hosting your own fun photo shoots! Anyone who knows us knows that we LOVE to take and share fun photos of our dancers at our studio! A lot of these photos are classroom candids or spur-of-the-moment group photos, but we also create fun photo shoots throughout the year using our dancers as our models! These photos become an extension of our studio brand, so using our own dancers is a key element. We’ll be honest: these can be a lot of work, but the results from your efforts are more than worth it!

Listen to the Photo Shoot Fun Episode Here!

We’re super excited about this Confetti Five to THRIVE series, and can’t wait to share the other upcoming 5 episodes with you! We hope that you find all of these episodes both helpful and inspirational to help you #makedancefun at your studio!

Thank you again to Clint Salter for inviting us to guest host on his awesome podcast!

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