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by on Dec 14 '16

Are you always looking for new, fun ways to engage your youngest dancers in dance class? We are! And, it can sometimes be challenging to find great ideas for games that keep the focus on dance and don’t require hours of prep (as dance teachers, we don’t even have minutes, much less hours!)

Our Twirl Flashie Cards serve as the perfect tool to make dance class fun, and you can easily purchase them in the Confetti Shop! We sell them in a set of 40 cards, plus an extra instructional card. Each set includes 20 different designs, so you get two of each card.


If you are already a Twirl Studio, your dancers will recognize their friends Lucy, Gemma and Annabel – the three stars of our Twirl preschool program activity books – on the cards! In fact, the Twirl Flashie Cards also serve as a great supplement to the Twirl program!




There are so many creative ways to use Twirl Flashie Cards to bring sparkle + merriment to your dance class, they truly provide unlimited inspiration! Here are just a few fun ideas for how you can use them to #makedancefun in your class!

Memory Match-Up: Mix up the cards, lay them face down and take turns trying to reveal the matches. Once a match is found, all dancers stand up and demonstrate. As few or as many cards can be used based on the age and size of the class. Consider a reward for the first to find a match or the most matches: leader for the day, or an extra rhinestone for their Twirl ribbon at the end of dance class!


Obstacle Course: Place select cards face up around the room creating a fun path or obstacle course. Dancers do a specific traveling step from one card to another (fly like a fairy, skip, hop on one foot, etc.) and demonstrate the step on each card as they approach it.

Dancer’s Choice: Each dancer can select a card and demonstrate that specific step. This can be done one at a time or together at center floor, across the floor, or in a circle.

Flash Cards: Teacher holds up one card at a time and the class demonstrates each step while repeating the name of the step and even what it means.

Speed Challenge: Break into two teams; teacher flashes a card and the team who shouts out the correct dance step receives a point. Consider a reward for the team (or individual) who names the most correct answers, like a WOW Card!

Student Choreography: For your oldest dancers, allow them to pick three or four cards and have them link the steps together to create their own choreography.

Relay Dance: Split the cards and dancers onto opposite sides of the room. Give them specific traveling steps to reach the other side where a card is flashed. They can then demonstrate that step before the next teammate dances to the other side of the room. Continue until all dancers have a turn.

Decorations: Hang (even frame) these adorable Twirl Flashie Cards on your studio walls for everyone to see, study and demonstrate any time you would like – great for the dance room or even a gallery wall in your lobby! And, fun fact: They complement our Twirl Ballet Positions Poster perfectly!


Fun Fact: These also make PERFECT holiday gifts for little dancers! They can use them at home to practice their dance steps, play the match game and so much more!

We would LOVE it if you shared your ideas of how you would use these cards and, better yet, if you’ve already purchased them, let us know how you are using them in class! Comment below or e-mail us at

Whether you use Twirl Flashie Cards or not, remember to #makedancefun today!



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