Twirl Some Fun into Preschool Dance Class!

by on Sep 11 '19

It’s that time of year where you may be trying to add something new and fun to your studio to reinvigorate your preschool dance classes. This sweet, uninhibited age group is so fun to teach, but can also be challenging to keep their attention spans. So, it’s important to keep your classes engaged from minute to minute to help build their basic skills but also to make sure they are always having fun!

Beyond helping the tiny tots grow to love dance, this age group is critical to your studio’s future as they are the dancers who could grow up dancing with you over the next 10+ years! We recognized this early on in our studio ownership career and have built on it over the years. That’s how our Twirl Preschool Program was born, and it’s evolved over time to what it is today.

What is Twirl? You can learn more about it in this blog post and also on our website (hint: Twirl is NOT a curriculum, but rather a fun supplement to your existing curriculum). But, for an even easier (and in more detail) option, you can listen all about Twirl through our podcast episode Party Like a Preschooler! In this episode, Becca and Dani will take you through the entire evolution of the Twirl program, how it works in their studio of 400 preschoolers, plus give you FIVE super fun prop ideas to use in class to make preschool dance class an extra fun party! It’s full of info AND inspo! Plus, podcasts are a great way to learn because you can listen on your ride to the studio, on your morning walk, while you’re getting dressed, etc. Anytime we can multi-task, we love it!

We hope you are inspired to listen to this podcast and consider adding Twirl to make dance fun at your studio!

Also, if you love the podcast, you can also listen to ALL 16 of our guest episodes on Clint Salter’s Transform My Dance Studio.

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