567cre8 Fun in Dance Class

by on Jul 22 '22

Looking to add some fun + inspiration into your dance classes? Look no further than our 567cre8 Cards!

As dance teachers, we’ve all been there: Sometimes you need a fun tool to help motivate your dancers (and, let’s be honest, you too!) and introduce a different perspective into class.

There are lots of things you can try…props, new playlists, themes, dance history. Sometimes those things require forethought and effort. And many times, that is perfectly acceptable and doable. But somedays, you show up thinking you are prepared only to realize that you need more! That’s one of the reasons why we created our 567cre8 Cards!

How to Use 567cre8 Cards

Our 567cre8 cards inspire dancers to create cool dance moves and add fun + creativity to any dance class! With 50 fun inspiration cards and two wild cards, dancers can express themselves through their own interpretation of the cards!

These fun cards are creative movement inspiration cards and come in two different versions – one designed for younger ages (6-12) and a more challenging version designed with an older dancer in mind (ages 12+). There are SO MANY fun things you can do with these cards in class to break out of boring routines and add some fun + energy into the mix! Keep reading to find specific activities you can do in class today with these fun cards!

In the elementary version, each card includes one image and three descriptive words for that image to help guide the dancers. For the teen version, it’s a little more challenging as there is only one word to describe a more abstract image and leaves more room for interpretation. These work great for improv sessions!

You can use them in across the floor jazz walks or during improv. Or, you can let dancers create their own choreo inspired by the cards. The goal is to inspire them to change their movement by applying the designated card.

Both versions include an extra card with EIGHT ideas of how you can use these cards in class! But, we promise, once you start using these cards in class, you will come up with tons of creative variations of your own!

Suggested 567cre8 Activities

Choreo Mix-Up: Teach dancers 2-4 eight counts of a dance combination. Next, have dancers select a 567cre8 card from the deck and have them perform the same choreography modifying it to match the theme on the card.

Choreo Charades: One dancer draws a card, demonstrates the movement (through a dance action) and the class tries to guess the image/word.

Choreo Challenge: Challenge your students to create their own choreography from 2-3 cards they draw at random.

Obstacle Course: Place select cards face up around the room creating a fun path! Dancers will travel from one card to the next demonstrating a specific step you give them in that style. They can also improv in that style for 1 eight count using the card for inspiration.

Here are a couple extended activities based on those ideas that you can use in class today!

567cre8 Relay!

Split your dancers in half and line them up on opposite sides of the room. If your class is really big, you can do two lines on each side. Give all the dancers a simple one 8-count combination that travels across the floor. It can be a progression so it repeats until they reach the end of the floor. Give each dancer standing on the stage right side of the room a 567cre8 card. All the dancers on the stage left side of the room will demonstrate the traveling combo one at a time. Once they reach the other side, the first dancer in line will flash their card. The dancer will quickly have to do the same combo going back the other direction, but will modify it based on the card. For example, if the image is a firework, she will demonstrate the combo with over-exaggerated energy and spark! If the image is a tiger, they’d approach it with more aggression. If a swan, approach the combo as gracefully as possible. Each time a dancer flashes their card, they will go to the end of the line and the next dancer will flash their card. This continues until everyone has had a turn. From there, have the dancers switch sides of the room. Those that danced before will now be given a card to flash and the others will do the combo. Add more fun by having the dancers waiting on the stage left side of the room to try and guess what image was on the card as the dancer travels back doing the combo. Their approach to the combo should change with each card/image, and the more committed they are to their movement, the more obvious it should be to those trying to guess.

Circle of Fun!

Make a circle with your dancers and have them sit on the floor. Give each dancer a 567cre8 card to hold. One at a time, have them demonstrate a basic step (example: chassé) around the circle with music playing. When you stop the music, they will flash their card to whoever they stop in front of. That dancer will stand up to chassé, but must to approach her chassé based on that card, and the previous dancer will sit down in their spot. Continue until everyone has had a turn!

Whether you’re having the kind of day where you need a little extra boost, or you just want to change things up, these fun activities are sure to up the energy in your class and get your creative juices flowing!

You can grab our 567cre8 cards for just $22 each in our Confetti Shop anytime and start adding a little extra fun into your dance class!

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