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by on Sep 22 '20

We have a fun announcement for our active and future Twirl studios: a new supplement to your Twirl Teacher Guide with even more fun ideas for preschool dance classes! If you are a current Twirl Studio as of July 1, 2020 or later, you will automatically receive a new supplement to your existing Teacher Guide that includes more details for boys, studio decor, virtual classes and fun new playlists!

What is Twirl?
If you aren’t already familiar, Twirl is our signature preschool program designed to add some fun + fancy into your preschool dance classes! Twirl is not a curriculum but a fun supplement to your existing curriculum. We offer four different color levels based on age: Twirl Pink (ages 2-3), Twirl Lilac (ages 3-4), Twirl Yellow (ages 4-5) and Twirl Aqua (ages 5-6).

Each dancer receives a Twirl workbook that includes 10 dance-focused activities, a Twirl ribbon that you put on their dance bag and add adhesive rhinestones to each week, and a Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate they will earn at the end of the season ceremony. If you hold a special Twirl week once per month, this workbook will take you through an entire dance season, adding a fun flair to your classes! Dancers will always look forward to special Twirl weeks!

Each page of the Twirl workbook has a vibrant image, a dance focus and a fun poem related to the day’s activity to help engage dancers in the fun! As the teacher, you will also receive a printed Teacher Guide that gives you all the specifics for the activity for each lesson!

New Teacher Guide Supplement!
And now, in addition to the printed Teacher Guide you already receive, we are super excited to announce that we have created a new Teacher Guide Supplement that is also automatically included with any Twirl purchase, at no additional cost. We created this fun e-supplement for four key purposes based on feedback from our customers:

  • Provide suggestions for your Twirl boys
  • Share more ideas for studio decor for each theme,
  • Offer some virtual back-up should you need to host your Twirl activity remotely,
  • Share even more fun music you can use for each activity!

By implementing these extra tips and tools into the Twirl program, Twirl weeks will truly #makedancefun in an even bigger and better way!

Note: If you are a Twirl studio effective July 1, 2020 or later, you will automatically receive this free e-supplement!

Use labeled containers to store your dancers’ Twirl books at your studio throughout the year. When you hold their Twirl Graduation at the end of the season, you can present them with their book at the same time as their certificate!

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