Fun Dance Activity: The Woodlands Discotheque!

by on Oct 19 '20

Grab your sparkliest disco attire and cutest antler headbands…we’re heading to the “woods” for this fun dance activity! Dancers of all ages love a themed dance class, and they’ll certainly love all the fun they’ll have at the Woodlands Discotheque!

For this activity, we used our 567cre8 Cards available in our Confetti Shop in two different versions — one for younger dancers (~ages 6-12) and one for older dancers (ages 12+). These cards offer lively dance games to inspire fun kids to create cool dance moves. With 50 fun improv inspiration cards and two wild cards, dancers can express themselves through their own interpretation of the cards! We also include instructional cards with 9 fun ways to use these cards in dance class. And now, you also have these fun dance activities to add to the fun!

The Woodlands Discotheque

We created these fun dance activities for ages 6 and older, but they can certainly be modified for your youngest dancers.

The ultimate goal of this activity is to encourage your dancers to move and create movement out of their norm. The 567cre8 Cards will give them a theme to work from and help them to think outside the box! You’ll be amazed at what young minds will create with just a little visual and descriptive guidance! If you do not have our 567cre8 Cards, you can create your own cards by printing colorful images onto card stock.

Start by dividing your class into teams. Not just any teams, but Woodlands Discotheque teams with the most fun and creative team names! Each team name should be specific to an animal or element you might find in the whimsical disco woods and that will guide them in this activity.  And, our 567cre8 cards will help them with this concept!

Team Name Examples:
Awesome Antlers
Disco Dynamite Deer
Happy & Hip Hedgehogs
Optimistic Owls
Tiny & Shiny Disco Balls
Mighty Mushrooms
Big-Time Bunnies
Fancy Fabulous Fox
Or…they can create their own!

Suggested for ages 6-9

For your younger dancers, first teach them a couple eight counts of choreography. Try to keep it simple so they can easily remember it. And, the more movement and floor space your choreography covers, the better.

Once you split them into their teams, you’ll have each dancer draw one 567cre8 Card. As a team, they will then take the choreography you’ve given them and demonstrate it in different ways according to the images on their cards.

The Pink version of our 567Cre8 Cards were designed for ages 6-12! Use them to create unlimited fun dance activities in class!

For example, if each team has 3 dancers in it, they will repeat the combo 3 times so each card is represented. If the cards a team draws include a feather, turtle and smiley face on them, the first time they do the combo it will be approached with a light, soft and gentle approach of a feather. Next, they will approach it with a slow, smooth and dragging intent, like a turtle. And the last time they do it, they will be as happy, joyful and smiley as possible!

To take it a step further, have your teams work together to create a short storyline using their cards, but keeping The Woodlands Discotheque in mind. What does that theme mean to them? How does their team name play into it? What kind of adventure would The Woodlands Discotheque take them on? Who might they see on their adventure? What might the path look like? What kind of events might take place? Let their imaginations go wild and then allow them to take your choreography on the adventure with them.

Suggested for ages 10 and older

To adapt this fun dance activity for your older dancers, allow them to choreograph a short combo using the guidance of specific 567cre8 Cards (you can use the older version or the younger version…or a mix of the two!) and the theme of The Woodlands Discotheque. Once you split them into teams of three, have each dancer pick a 567cre8 Card. Using those cards, allow them to come up with their own team name. From there, have them work together to create a short storyline and choreography using their cards, keeping The Woodlands Discotheque in mind.

The Blue version of our 567cre8 Cards provide improv inspiration and more for dancers ages 12+!

Again, ask them to consider the following questions when determining their approach. What does the theme mean to them? What kind of adventure will The Woodlands Discotheque take them on? Who might they see on their adventure? What will the path look like? What kind of events will take place? Let their imaginations go wild and then allow them to create choreography accordingly, reminding them that the finished product should tell their story. When it comes to choreographing, be sure they work as a team and each dancer contributes to the combo. Once they complete their storylines and combos, allow them to tell their stories and then demonstrate their choreography for the rest of the class.

Want More Fun Dance Activities Like These?

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Follow the call of the disco ball and have a sparkling, whimsical time at The Woodlands Discotheque!

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