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by on Nov 3 '22

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While we count down the days until Thanksgiving break, we’re sharing a fun, free and creative hip hop dance activity you can use to bring all the November vibes into your dance classroom: Stackin’ S’Mores! This fun, free activity will surely add S’more fun to your dance class! And, if you keep reading, we’re also sharing a tutorial on how to recreate our DIY Cozy A-frame as a fun backdrop!

Hip Hop Dance Class Activity: Stackin’ S’mores!

Use these fun lyrics and descriptive words in the form of a rap/chant to create a super fun and age-appropriate hip hop combo for your tiniest dancers. It’s always easier to remember things, especially choreography, when you can use a good analogy! Who doesn’t love chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers and a little camp fire?!?! It’s a sweet addition to your dance class!

Start with these basic lines, along with these basic steps…

S’mores and campfires are so great! (feet together, arms hugging yourself tight, bouncing knees, nodding head)
Tasty, yummy! Let’s create! (jump feet apart, arms up as if to say “what?”)

Then, add each of the following lines, along with the movement described below. You can make it your own or alter it however you feel would be best based on your dancers’ age, ability and focus level. Remember, this should have a hip hop vibe, so keep that in mind. And, don’t forget to use the words instead of counts. This can be done without music, so you can hear the dancers rapping, OR to any instrumental song with beats at a good speed.

“Light the fire” – Have the dancers clap/strike their hands to the front in a sharp motion as if they are wiping them clean. Twice with the right hand on top, and twice with the left on top. Their feet can be apart and with each strike, they’ll bend their knees and lean to the side. Leaning to the left when the right hand strikes on top, and lean right when the left hand strikes on top. Add a bounce to each strike as a bonus. Do this four times, taking 8 counts.
Words to chant while performing step: “light the fire” 4 times.

“Break the cookie” – Clench both hands in fists as if holding onto a stick OR a delicate graham cracker cookie. While lifting one knee at a time, punch hands down on each side of knee as if breaking the graham cracker in half. Repeat this 4 times, 2 counts each time. Right side, left side, right side, left side. Total of 8 counts.
Words to chant while performing step: “break the cookie” 4 times.

“Mushy, squishy marshmallow” – In a deep plie with feet apart and hands on knees, swoop down low (like melting), around to the right for 2 counts, then bounce bounce while pushing hands up (think “raising the roof”) but instead like they are pushing against a fluffy marshmallow for 2 counts. Repeat to the left.
Words to chant while performing step: “mushy, squishy marshmallow” 2 times

S’mores and campfire are so great! (feet together, arms hugging yourself tight, bouncing knees, nodding head)
Tasty, yummy; Let’s create! (jump feet apart, arms up as if to say “what?”)

“Snap a chocolate chunk” – Snapping off a chunk of chocolate can be tough, so we are going to stomp on the right foot and with both hands in fists and using lots of muscle, pound down as if pounding on a table top. That’s counts 1-2. Repeat to the left for counts 3-4. Jump with feet together and fist pump (right arm) high in the air for counts 5,6,7,8.
Words to chant while performing step: “snap a chocolate chunk”

“Stack it all together” – Shoot arms out straight forward with palms facing each other (counts 1-2) and clap together twice (counts 3-4). Think alligator chomp, but instead, stacking your marshmallow and chocolate chunk between the graham cracker. Repeat 5,6,7,8
Words to chant while performing step: “Stack it” (1-2) “all together” (3-4)

“Eat it all up, up” – Place open hands around mouth as if yelling out loud (“eat it all”) for counts 1-2, then rub tummy  (“up, up”) on counts 3-4. Repeat 5,6,7,8

Big Finish…

S’mores and campfires are so great!
(feet together, arms hugging yourself tight, bouncing knees, nodding head)
Tasty, yummy! Let’s create!
(jump feet apart, arms up as if to say “what?”)

Hit their favorite ending pose!

Cozy A-Frame Cabin Backdrop DIY Tutorial

If you want to create a fun backdrop for your Stackin’ S’mores dance class activity, we’ve got your Cozy A-Frame Cabin Tutorial right here!


  • 1 large piece of foam board (48”x96″ suggested) or 2 smaller pieces (40”x60” which is what we used)
  • Sharp exacto knife
  • White duct tape (if using 2 smaller pieces of foam board)
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Pale pink felt fabric – 3 yards (or any color you want your A-Frame to be, we’re partial to pink!)
  • Bright pink felt fabric – 1 yard (or any color you want your A-Frame to be)
  • Chunky chenille yarn
  • Spray glue
  • Glitter
  • 1 piece of white poster board (or glitter poster board if you can find it)
  • Yellow/Orange paper or poster board
  • Small disco ball ornament (or anything else you might want to use as a door knob)


1. Draw and cut out your “A” as large as possible. If you use two smaller pieces of foam board, you’ll need to duct tape them together to create the big “A”. That’s what we did, only because we already had the foam board on hand. You’ll see the seem in the pic.
2. Next, cut your pale pink (or whatever color you want) felt in wide strips, each about 8 inches. Starting at the top of the “A” hot glue them down to create a “siding” effect for your cabin. Continue until it’s fully covered, wrapping the ends around to the back and securing with hot glue.
3. Using a left over piece of foam board, cut out a rectangle door and cover it in the brighter pink felt (or your own choice of color) and hot glue it to the front center of the “A”.
4. Cut out tiny window frames from poster board, spray them with glue and sprinkle glitter over them. Back them with your yellow/orange poster board or paper.
5. Now hot glue your chunky chenille yarn around the outside edge of the “A” and around the door.
6. Lastly, cut your disco ball ornament in half (we used a knife) and hot glue as door knob.

If you want more fun ideas for dance class, check out our 567cre8 Cards and Flashie Cards! They will also add S’more fun into your dance classes too!

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