Three Ways to Pump Up Your Fall Enrollment

by on Jun 22 '17

If you haven’t already read our last post, our Confetti MOOD this month is ZEN! And, what could be more zen-like than watching your fall registration count go up, up, up?

Now is the perfect time to add a little extra muscle to boost your fall enrollment. Here are three tips you can exercise now that are sure to PUMP UP your classes for next season!

1. Flex Your Marketing Muscles

Everyone loves to try before they buy, so why not offer a few free open classes this summer. You can hold them several times over the summer or add them in conjunction with your Open House. Promote them heavily on social media and ask your current customers to share with their friends (you could even offer a give-away to current dancers who refer a friend who registers). Be present at the studio for the classes and hold a mini Q&A session for parents to answer any questions and further promote your studio.

2. Change Your Routine

Change doesn’t have to be big (or expensive) to make a big impact. Small changes can go a long way! Change the name of a class, rearrange a room in your studio, refresh your website, spruce up your office space, paint a wall. There are so many small things you can do that can draw more attention to your studio and cause prospective customers to do a double-take! Make sure you celebrate and/or advertise your change! Share with your followers on Instagram, send out an email blast announcing the new class, new space, website refresh, etc. This will show your customers that you are excited about your change, and they will be excited too! Excitement is contagious!

3. Add Something New to the Mix

As long as you are changing things up, why not also add something new?! One way we transformed our preschool/kindergarten program several years ago was introducing Twirl. And last year, we revamped the program and made it available to all studios! Designed for the most petite dancers (ages 2-6), the Twirl experience will add a little sparkle + merriment to your existing class curriculum and help create a lively setting with imaginative activities that your tiniest dancers will love! We offer four different age levels: Twirl Pink (ages 2-3), Twirl Lilac (ages 3-4), Twirl Yellow (ages 4-5) and Twirl Aqua (ages 5-6). You can read lots of details about how to make Twirl successful at your studio here. But, here are just a few ways you can implement Twirl at your studio!
  • Offer Twirl as a new class in your 2017-2018 season
  • Hold a Twirl 6-week mini-session
  • Use Twirl as a summer camp (not recommended for studios who use it over the course of a season)
  • Purchase the minimum quantity (10) of each level and use the teacher guides for inspiration in all your preschool classes

For the 2017-2018 season, we are adding an exclusivity feature to our Twirl program. Email us to learn the details and minimum qualifications for exclusivity.

If you use this summer to really boost your marketing efforts, make some positive changes and add our fun + fancy Twirl program to your preschool/kindergarten classes, you will surely see positive results from your efforts! So go ahead, flex those muscles and PUMP IT UP for Fall!




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