NEW Twirl To Go Preschool Activity: Music Box Dancer

by on Sep 20 '22

Grab your pastel bows and vintage tutus… it’s time to transform your preschool ballerinas into music box dancers! We know your littlest ones will fall in love with these dreamy activities as they explore a world full of soft pink and fancy tulle. That’s why we are so excited to announce our seventh download in our fancy + fun Twirl To Go Series: Music Box Dancer! You can use these activities as a special addition to regular classes or even host a fancy vintage ballet class for your studio! 

What is Twirl to Go?

Each Twirl to Go is a download that includes 5 detailed dance activities centered around a fun theme! This dance-focused activity has all the fun + fancy you’ve come to expect from both Twirl + Camp Confetti, in a more simplified version (If you’re new to Confetti on the Dance Floor, see the very bottom of this post for detailed descriptions of both Twirl and Camp Confetti!)! You definitely want to read about our other six super fun Twirl to Go downloads: Lemonade Escapade, CarnivalPalooza FunFair, Twirl-to-a-Tea Party, Confetti Cake Remix, The Safari Celebration, and Paint the Town Confetti!

NEW: Twirl to Go 4-Pack Bundle

**NEW** We are now offering a Twirl to Go Bundle option where you can choose any 4 themes of your choice for a huge savings over purchasing them individually. Choose any 4 themes, and save $25!

Our NEWEST Twirl to Go download: Music Box Dancer

**As a bonus for our readers, we are including one of the five fun activities in this new download for FREE! Keep reading, and you’ll find that FREE activity in this blog post!**

Music Box Dancer is an affordable download that includes FIVE fun + exciting activities for ballet class that you can use during your regular dance season or as a special dance party/day camp session on a weekend or break! This vintage ballet scene includes activities involving ballet technique and creative movement. Your download also includes fun ideas for suggested decor and props, but mostly focuses on DANCE! Your dancers will love transforming themselves into dreamy music box ballerinas!

And, for a limited time only, you can purchase this download at our introductory price of only $45

Setting the Scene for Your Music Box Dancers

To set the scene for this dreamy ballet class, plan to decorate your studio with tutus, pastel bows, and of course confetti! You can get as detailed or simple as you would like, but make sure you bring all the vintage vibes for your dancers. Create the space to come alive as a dreamy ballet studio so they can fully imagine themselves as a real music box dancer. To decorate the studio, we used pastel frames with our Wall Flair, balloons, Twirl ribbons, and paper fans to hang on the wall above the barre with tulle and ribbon! If you have a jewelry box with a dancer in it, feel free to bring it to the studio so your ballerinas can see a music box dancer in action! 

You will also want to make sure to have some sort of platform the dancers can stand on. We used a small ottoman-like seat, but feel free to use a small table or chair. Whatever you choose, make sure it is sturdy and dress it up with bows + tulle to make it a super special ballerina stand! And, of course, always supervise the dancers closely when they are on the platform!

FREE Preschool Dance Activity: Vintage Ballet Balance Barre

To start off this dreamy vintage ballet class, begin at the ballet barre. Make sure you have large pastel bows and ribbons tied at the break of every barre. Your dancers will start in 1st position facing the barre. They will go one at a time across the entire barre, practicing piqué up to passé from their first position. You will encourage them to travel across the barre like a floating ballerina, finding their passé and first position every time!  (If this is too hard for your dancers, try doing a stationary passé and plié through 2nd position to the next bow!) Once they reach one of the pastel bows, have them rise up to relevé and bourrée turn with arms in 5th like a real music box dancer!! Have them repeat this exercise across the entire length of the barre, stopping at each bow and practicing their bourrée turns.

Free Music Box Dancer Spotify Playlist

Check out our Spotify playlist full of dreamy tunes to add to this sparkly world of ballet magic!! We know your dancers will love this vintage ballet dream and enjoy every ounce of sparkle + glitter. Don’t forget to purchase the FULL download with four more activities (a total of FIVE including this one) to really add to the fun!!

Are you new to Confetti on the Dance Floor? If so, let us introduce you to Twirl and Camp Confetti!

We like to equate Twirl to throwing a dance party in your preschool/kindergarten classes once per month! We offer three different color levels based on ages: Twirl Pink (ages 2/3), Twirl Lilac (ages 3/4) and Twirl Yellow (ages 4/5). Each Twirl Pack includes a colorful Twirl activity book for each dancer with 10 fun dance activities (ballet, tap and creative movement), coordinating stickers, a matching Twirl ribbon for their dance bags and a Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate. You also receive a super detailed Teacher Guide that provides pre-planned dance activities centered around a theme and a dance focus, including music and prop suggestions. You can read more about our Twirl program here on our website!

Camp Confetti is your everything summer dance camp in a box! Your inbox, that is! We offer 30 different Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPacks (16 preschool/kindergarten and 14 elementary), each sold separately and each in a super fun theme! We do ALL the work for you, including planning the theme, providing an engaging storyline, detailed crafts complete with supply lists and before & after pics, choreography videos, dance activities, dance games, studio decor suggestions, social media image and marketing language, music suggestions and more! And, it’s all delivered straight to your inbox! You can read more about it here!

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